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Thailand reports 4,887 COVID-19 cases, 32 new deaths 

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Just now, Danderman123 said:

Outside of prisons, the numbers have flatlined.

Sort of. Basically increase is linear instead of exponential, which is better than what it was. That's not a flatline, though.

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This should raise Thailand to number 94 on the covid worldometre. No more look at us we are great stuff now. Bear in mind the almost 3,000 prisoners make the numbers because they were found out hiding

Thailand did not just wake up today with 2,835 positive cases.   They kept it quiet, instead of manning up and adding it to the daily infected total, hoping they could contain it before they

Excerpt from a Thai Ministry of Public Health COVID cases update Thursday.     Thailand’s Total COVID Case Count Now Exceeds That of China?   Statistics Used by the Government

Posted Images

Shocking but not surprising. Multiply the prison covid numbers by how many family members visited them, exchanged bags of goodies, etc etc.

We are heading to another lockdown.

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Posted (edited)

Been expecting this why did it take so long???!!!
It's been in the news since over a week that most protest leaders tested positive for COVID19 in Prison

so I guess they couldn't keep the lid on it any longer.
Or was it already reported on TV about protest leaders getting COVID19 last week I missed it??

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Posted (edited)

These rolling seven-day average charts for COVID cases and deaths in Thailand since April 1 are going to get distorted in the coming days by the huge new cases announcement today by the government. But here they are anyway, as of the latest May 11 update that preceded today's announcement:










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3 minutes ago, BestB said:

More than doubled overnight, we can forget about easing restrictions this month or even next.


Good news for Chonburi though , only 53 reported yesterday , which is less than half of what it use to be

Does that number include the Prisons in Chonburi?

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Posted (edited)
35 minutes ago, TallGuyJohninBKK said:

In all likelihood, the 4,887 new case tally today with the 2,835 prisons portion has to be regarded as suspect.


I'm not doubting that 2,835 prison inmates have tested positive for COVID.


But I am doubting that they all tested positive in the past 24 hours or anything close to that timeframe.


The number is being driven by the fact that Thai corrections officials "announced" that total yesterday officially, meaning it now needed to be included in today's official update.


But in all likelihood, that accumulation of COVID cases in the prisons has been building for some time. Yet those cases are all getting piled into today's one day total.



Which begs the question of when were the positive tested inmates moved to the field hospital?Yesterday,or have they been holding back that info too?

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Sinovac is safe despite not being listed by WHO, FDA insists


The Sinovac Covid-19 vaccine is safe to use despite not being listed on the World Health Organisation’s Emergency Use Listing (EUL), said Food and Drug Administration (FDA) secretary-general Dr Phaisan Dankhum.


“There have been questions regarding the safety of the Sinovac vaccine, that it is not on the WHO's EUL,” he said.


“The EUL procedure is used in the Covax project and could be applied in countries where the vaccine registration and administration system is not yet complete. This does not mean that Sinovac has failed the qualification process, since the registration of vaccines in each country does not necessarily have to refer to the WHO listing,” Phaisan said.






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18 minutes ago, Marvin Hagler said:

I still see an awful lot of Thai people on various Facebook pages out and about and enjoying themselves with no masks. Many restaraunts in Rayong appear to be open as usual judging by their Facebook pages with people dining in as normal. People are completely free to travel around without any checks or hindrance and shopping makes are still open as usual.


There really are no measure in place to stop this spread as far as I can see from physical evidence available all over Facebook.

Ahh people  enjoying  themselves, good for them.  😷😄😎

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Vaccines vaccines and vaccinate ... got to get to that sweetspot of 70% + ... everyone ... eventually, so these damned mutations can be starved of hosts.

Plz the gods the govt get this together FAST before this thing goes south.
We all know what a devastating thing this ‘situation’ has been already for Thais, and so many others.

We can all help this by using our falang privilege, paying the bucks out and getting vaccinated so we can share our yummy new antibodies with others and thereby make them immune too.

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8 minutes ago, GeorgeEboy said:

The barn doors are being closed months after the horse ran out.  

I'm pretty sure this barn has no doors to close I think they bought some subs with the money meant for the barn doors.

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2 minutes ago, madmen said:

Standard around the world 

Same in Oz, stay home. Nothing the hospital can do in early stage and the chance of transmission is way to high by traveling and exposing hospital staff 

Yes but Thailand has a policy to quarantine all covid cases, they can't do that if they encourage them to stay at home and not go to the hospital for a test

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