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Phuket to open to fully vaccinated, COVID-19 free foreign tourists without quarantine in July

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What will they be allowed to do? Stay inside the hotel room 24 hours a day, by themself, not drinking alcohol, not meeting anyone and eating krapaow to prevent covid? That island is dead.

Come to Wonderful Phuket. Come enjoy a memorable vacation that you will never, ever forget.  😉 Meet with friends by the pool and enjoy a beer and a wine in the balmy Thailand twilight.... <Sir

Currently in Phuket you're not even allowed to have a friend over to your house, if you do they have threatened to look at your visa.   1st July? About 6 weeks away...............lol

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For interprovincial air travel, the TAT plans to cover the fares for one-way tickets, priced at no more than 2,000 Baht



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