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Here's how some people are getting it; not recommended.




A new type of fraud is spiking across the (Telegram) platform: Selling fake vax records to people who want to lie their way into places where proof of vaccine is required.

Telegram groups are being abused by fraudsters peddling fake COVID-19 vaccination cards to the unvaccinated and anti-vaxxer communities, according to researchers.

Brittany Allen, trust and safety architect at Sift, noticed the illicit sales on the encrypted messaging platform as the COVID-19 vaccination began to ramp up earlier in the year. Several groups circulating on Telegram specialize in different types of fraud, including selling stolen credentials or credit-card numbers, as well as guides to how to defraud certain companies. Lately though, fraudulent vaccination cards have become a hot commodity, she said.





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There are plans to introduce international digital certificates, but these have not been rolled out.

For now, you can ask for the traditional "International Certificate of Vaccination or Prophylaxis" or the Yellow Booklet. Most hospitals and big clinics have them.


If the healthcare professional does not have them or does not want to bother with them, you may have to insist on getting it or walking out.



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