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Foreigners will definitely get vaccine in Thailand; urged to register from August

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Just now, sandyf said:

Enlighten us, which countries have used that policy.

Doh!.....Thailand...they announced it yesterday......

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Just now, brewsterbudgen said:

Bumrungrad are registering people now.  

Tried earlier this week......no go.......I was told it is still illegal to register foreigners for a vaccine........although they might have list of those interested?

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Just now, DirtyHarry55 said:

Just because you registered doesn't mean you will get it I expect they will check who qualifies by Age, Health and Nationality.

Nationality could be the killer.

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2 minutes ago, Surelynot said:

How have I got to 65 and never heard the word "snit".......


Never watched The Real McCoys or The Waltons?

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