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I’m here because I quite unexpectedly fell in love with a Thai woman...I like Thailand....I like Thai people....I like the weather....I like the happiness around me! I’m not an expert on running

Last in a long list of mistakes in life, I don't like the government, the corruption, the heat, the insects, the food or the driving. If not for the mrs I would be off home. UK has nice seasons, bette

If I retired in England I would be poor. Here in Thailand I have comfortable life.

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1 minute ago, scammed said:

its warm here, but i must none the less go back and get myself into an elderly home

Yes not a very good choice of elderly homes here...not the Thai way at least in the past!

I haven’t checked but I haven’t noticed any “seniors only” living here

and only a few “old folks homes” as we call them back home

not sure how it works....

Canada is different by province to province  but many are subsidized etc. but waiting lines are long and a strange thing....almost no places for couples!?

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6 minutes ago, WineOh said:

You sound just like me 20 years ago...

Just adjust....you’ll fall in love with it again👍

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3 minutes ago, grego49 said:

Same here from Australia

Nonsense, I retired in Australia have great life, free health care collect my pension every 2 weeks and still have plenty leftover at the end of the months

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