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I don't think it is a problem of Thai girls disliking body smells...    It is human nature that we all don't enjoy much staying around pigs...

Ngl, it's not just your wife. We don't like it either.

Where I live the days are hot and I refuse to spray chemicals under my arm pits or use a roll on device. I consider myself to be on a permanent holiday here in thailand (retired) and therefore only us

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29 minutes ago, 2 is 1 said:

I normaly shower about 2 times/day in Thailand (more if do some hard work). Woman still bla bla bla to me if im not shower in morning! I have say to her, im not get dirty when im sleeping! I have just shower before go to sleep so why to hell i have to shower after woke up! Im not anymore wet my bed in night time!

French humor at its best. 

Not really… 😃

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11 minutes ago, thvima said:

Hello, maybe tell her how she smells down there after eating somtam ?

Thais use water to wash their ass, so i doubt somtam may have such an effect.

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4 minutes ago, Chainsaw said:

Check out alum. No more need for deodorants!

Alum, in its various forms, is commonly used as an astringent and antiseptic. This is the main reason why it is used to inhibit body odour when used as natural deodorant.

Absolutely! Many Thais use alum and it is natural, exttemely cheap and very effective. Use it only on the armpits, after a good shower.

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2 hours ago, saakura said:

"East is East and West is West, the twain shall never meet" It is inconceivable for people here that anyone can feel normal or hygenic without a shower in the morning. Just as they feel that is is disgusting & unhygenic to wipe ass with tissue and feel normal and hygenic like in the west.

So much hurth butt when long stay in asia and continue use tissue in "west" lol. And yeah it feel like  some "stay behind".

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2 hours ago, RichardColeman said:

I actually feel sorry for any wife - or partner-  that has issues with the BO and oral smells of their other half. How do you think they feel going out with you if you stink ? You think it makes them feel good  ? Thais care about what people think of them, and turning up with mr or mrs smelly is not making them look good.


My wife tells me I smell occasionally, it's Thailand, its hot, I can understand it.I am not offended. I tell her her breath smells occasionally. We both care enough about each other to do something about it and not be selfish. Who wants to snuggle up to Stig of the Dump at night ? 


I shower twice or even three times a day if hot, but always morning and before bed. I have terrible teeth but still clean them probably 4 times s a days (meals etc). 


I think i would be ashamed to have 'he stinks' as the reason for a divorce petition


I have a tendency to dislike your posts, given that you have a tendency to constantly bash a country in which I lived for a long time. 


But the fact that you put in the time to write this post, and write it up so well. Deserves the Thanks emoji and my respects for it. 


Well done. 


(Hope OP listens)

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1 hour ago, Poet said:

Serious question: Are you drunk-posting right now?

Just a few posts up, you felt you had to inform @RichardColeman that you "have a tendency to dislike" his posts. Now you are launching a self-contradictory attack on my post, claiming first that smelling bad is only about showering ("Period"), but then saying that diet "might help".

My motivation for posting a list of ten things that will all contribute to improved body odor is that I want to help the another member of this forum.

Your motivation, on the other hand, appears to be all about you, as you swing wildly between fauning and attacking, while making no coherent sense. Again, I believe you are drunk-posting. Nothing wrong with getting drunk but you should have more class than to inflict yourself on others while in that state.


No. I am not drunk. 


I just feel that you should make OP a favor by letting him know the truth. Not giving him excuses to continue his stinky behavior.  After reading your post you can expect him to eat a carrot and expect to smell properly then.


The fact that having a balanced diet and blah blah might help with odor doesn't mean it will magically fix OP's issue, which is what I tried to express in my original post. 


OP has bigger issues than his diet; which are very poor hygiene; not showering enough clearly, and not brushing his teeth enough clearly as well. 


So like I said, diet, exercise, going to the bathroom.... Are the least of his worries at the moment. First milestone is getting in the shower and picking up the tooth brush.

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  • Sheryl changed the title to My wife doesn't like my bad body odor (BO).

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