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Bangkok’s latest vaccine clinic soft-opens at Big C Bangbon

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By Tanakorn Sangiam


BANGKOK (NNT) - Bangkok City Hall has opened a new vaccination venue at the Big C Supercenter in Bangbon, where health workers are now offering the jabs at a limited rate to test the flow.


The upper floor of Big C Supercenter in Bangbon, Bangkok, has been converted into a large vaccination site which will serve up to 2,000 people per day once fully opened next month.


This 2,000-square meter vaccine clinic is staffed by a medical team from hospitals in the BPK Hospital Group, a group of eight private hospitals in Thailand, while the vaccines are provided by the government for the general public free of charge.


The vaccination center here ran at limited capacity today as the staff tested the flow and the system. People getting their shots today say they are now more confident, as they are among high-risk workers, even with the alleged efficacy rate of the vaccine at only 50%.


The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) is planning to open 25 vaccination venues apart from hospitals in the capital, with each venue having a capacity of 1,000 to 3,000 jabs per day. This, combined with 126 active hospitals, means the city can vaccinate at least 60,000 people a day.


The vaccination program in the capital is expected to reach full speed next month, with people 60 years and older, as well as patients with chronic illnesses receiving the jabs as per their appointment at hospitals.


Right now the BMA does not intend offering the service to walk-ins, but will focus on people at higher risk first, as per City Hall’s data.


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They definitely need to get private hospitals and private organizations in on this. 


Where I'm at in the U.S, a small state of 8.5 million, look at the number of shots for other than government organizations - more than half.  This is about 5 months.  7.2 million jabs.



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'alleged 50% efficacy'

Doesn't that mean SinoVac? 

Why not just say so?

Or is NNT concerned about government retaliation for the mention?

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Done that already

5 stations each jab 5 min = 5 x 12 x 8 hours =480 per day x 800 similar around country 

= 384,000 per day.+ private hospitals to achieve 116,000 per day (cannot see this)

there is your half a million per day.

ALL WE  NEED now is the local vaccine manufacturer to supply,, which is the problem

 they are NOT talking about WHY ?

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