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English school or teacher for standardized test preparation

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Hi. I have been asked by a friend to help find and qualify an English language school or tutor here in Bangkok to prepare for English language standardized test (e.g., IELTS, Cambridge, TOFL, etc.). He is Thai, 18 years old, and is currently in M5, set to complete M6 equivalency next year via an alternative program administered by the Ministry of Education. He plans to apply to universities abroad where the main language for instruction will be English, so his English standardized test scores will be very important.


What criteria should I consider when evaluating an English language school or program? I have in mind to look for programs that specifically aim to improve test score results, or that teach methods useful for test taking, since that's the short-term goal here. I also have in mind to take a close look at the curriculum being used and try to understand the approach and philosophy of the school or teacher. Small group classes or 1-on-1 are both possible. Cost is obviously an important factor as well. Is there anything else I should keep in mind or be aware of?


Are both schools and individual teachers licensed? If so, by whom? Is there an easy way to confirm the validity of a teacher's or school's license?


Finally, of course, if you have any recommendations for instructors or schools in Bangkok or any advice on which curriculum or book is good for this type of program, let me know as well.





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