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It is a relief that Lazada has removed its constant login verification checks (these seem to have transferred to Ali-Express where it a right PITA now) but one thing I do find of concern is the behaviour of the sellers on the site.  More than ever before I've noticed that after searching for an item and ordering one based on the quoted price and delivery ETA I discover a new message in my order list stating that my 'Parcel will be despatched by dd/mm/yy' and the new date quoted will be after the start date of the advertised ETA so in effect they add at least 2 days to the delivery schedule.  I consider this disreputable behaviour as they are selling items  based on a false description.  


Has anyone else experienced this ?  I find it very annoying and it is a sure way to turn people off online purchasing if it continues unabated. 


Here is an example of what I mean .....  



Why do they bother stating 01 Jun - 05 Jun when they should be stating 03 Jun - 07 Jun which is the honest situation.  Obviously it is to get the sale and to hell with everyone.   Aaargh!

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5 minutes ago, trevoromgh said:

It is a relief that Lazada has removed its constant login verification checks

I never encountered these and I've been using Lazada for nearly 10 years.

(But I login by facebook)


Parcel will be dispatched by ...........

Usually the items I have bought are dispatched well before that date.

Bought a Kindle last Friday, 'will be dispatched by Tuesday 1st'.

Was actually shipped Saturday, and will arrive on Monday.


Bought a fridge last Saturday, estimated delivery Fri-Mon.

Was actually delivered Thursday, at least 1 day early.


It's very rare I have an item delivered after the original estimated date.

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Nothing to do with sellers, its Lazada logistics organising pick-up and delivery schedules. Even those dates are wrong mostly anyway. Either way count on 5 days for most things and if it comes quicker its a bonus !

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  • CharlieH changed the title to Lazada behaviour

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