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Trustworthy gadget online sellers/shops?

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I'm looking to get myself a new android phone via online, preferably ones that accept COD payment. Lazada doesnt have much choice and i dont do shopee too. Facebook isnt reliable as scammers are always looking to entrap consumers.


If anyone can recommend some thai trusted online shops for gadgets at a reasonable pricing (i am well aware how double-standard pricing applies whenever a conversation between seller and buyer starts in English), i'd appreciate it.


I've narrowed down the list to HUAWEI old models, ones that come with Google android. I think it's either Huawei P20 series and P30 series as the last google-stocked models. But open to other models if these Huawei phones are no longer available.




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Invade IT certainly used to do phones / tablets, worth a look and infinitely trustworthy.

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Your local Tesco, Big C must have a full floor or vendors all selling every type, make and price of phone known to man. You can also pay cash on delivery, and go back to them if you have any problems or need advice. 

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Got a good new Android from Lazada a few weeks ago. 

It was Just under 10 000 Bht cheaper than what i would have Paid for it in the UK (took 2 days to arrive

If you know what model you want, there are some good bargains on there.

However, if you don't , hit the mobile shops or shopping malls.

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