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Coinbase Clearing to wallet

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I have a Coinbase account that I opened but left dormant in the UK.


I purchased some ETH and have left it in coinbase for 7 days.


I'm in Thailand now installed the Wallet on my phone, but cannot transfer the ETH to my wallet.


Just getting a "No coins found" notification, it's been driving me mad for a week.


Coinbase help is a bot, so getting very little info out of them.


Any suggestions ?

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Have you tried looking for the transaction on any ETH explorer?  Etherscan or Blockchain.com for example.   My guess would be that the transaction hasn't even left Coinbase because of one of their internal rules or you simply didn't confirm the outbound transaction (if you have 2FA set up for example).   

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1 hour ago, AussieRules said:

what's 2FA?



Yeah, 2nd level confirmation as mentioned... sometimes it might be cell phone OTP, email confirmation, or Google Authenticator....the transaction won't get sent if you have that set up and don't complete the 2nd step.   I forget which ones are available for Coinbase as I stopped using them a long time ago.   

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