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Today marks two months of Covid-19 restrictions in Pattaya with many business owners and residents getting frustrated

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maybe it's time to tell people a truth: it will not get better this year, stop dreaming...

Soothing words for the many tens of thousands of simple economically unsophisticated people who have watched their small businesses and livelihoods collapse because of arbitrary decisions taken by sal

Could go on for a few more months before gearing up for the awesome promising Pattaya sandbox in October. 

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1 minute ago, Bkk Brian said:

Anutin said it will all be back to normal in 2 to 3 weeks, back in late April. However as you say only those with common sense said nothing.

Cool, never read it but sure you are correct.  

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4 minutes ago, Skeptic7 said:

GETTING frustrated?!? They've BEEN frustrated. Those not permanently shuttered, that is. 

? yep, I used present tense not future in regards to the frustration ( "has to be" and "is). Anyhow, I agree.

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This clearly demonstrates the risks that are associated with a single large dependency on once source of revenue - tourism. Entire local economies are impacted. If you invest in an area (business, real estate) this is a clear lesson in what happens when that source dries up. It will happen again in the future. make sure your business is not reliant on a single source of revenue - period.   

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1 hour ago, atpeace said:

In all seriousness, after the current lockdown, I was not hearing anyone say the it would be back to normal this year.  I wasn't hearing much of anything from official sources which is frustrating but I think most just used common sense.


Has to be beyond frustrating to be a business owner in Pattaya.  Know a couple young Thais that started or took over businesses in the last few years.  Heart goes out to them and hopefully their businesses survive but at some point I fear they will throw in the towel.

Seems like all small cash busineses are clised and 711 is opening more stores Mall are open too  .Hmmm

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5 hours ago, sammieuk1 said:

By coincidence it was about 2 months ago the CCSA announced the peak had passed so give it a year or 2 and it will be back to normal 🤔

i was there 1970. seemed quite nice fishing village. but nothing to do. ,lot jungle. ,have the fish gone ?


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1 hour ago, Skeptic7 said:

GETTING frustrated?!? They've BEEN frustrated. Those not permanently shuttered, that is. 


Yes, with the Pattaya whorehouses closed down there are hundreds of thousands of lonely men around the world who rely on paying for sex that have been very frustrated. Tissues and toilet paper was stripped from the shelves.


There are also thousands of bargirls who had grown used to receiving a good seeing to several times a day that are also very frustrated. 


The tension rises everyday.

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2 minutes ago, Cake Monster said:

I know some posters will crucify me for this post.

But its all now down to Natural Selection.

The Business's that have been able to adapt, to offer different, and not the same same as seen everywhere, will survive and prosper.

The Bossiness's that have been able to cut outgoings, and raise their profile will prosper.

OK, maybe not next week, but as soon as the Tourists arrive back, these Business's will be ready to welcome them back with something new and fresh.

Pattaya needed this badly, and so does the rest of the Country, it needs all the dead wood cutting out.

The whole Tourist Industry is stale, its made of Plastic, and is shoddy at best sometimes.

Its all so false and tacky, and needs something like this to wake it up, where actual effort has to be made to get the Tourist Dollar.


I agree with you, except the bit where the deadwood will be cleared out.

Like cockroaches, they would survive a Nuclear holocaust, they will be back as soon as the punters return.

A lot of ramshackle Thai owned businesses start and run on either loan shark, or laundry money.

The $64 million question is kind of chicken and egg tho, no tourists, no incentive to start or re-start a tourist centric business.

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14 minutes ago, chalawaan said:

They need to forget tourism for a few years, and start repurposing the entire economy.


There are several emerging industrial opportunities as companies are forced to pivot away from a belligerrent China that's starting to "punish" the west for daring to call them on their BS.


If they dropped the alcohol import tax to a sensible level too, they'd sell much more of it, and probably actually make more in duty overall. 


Fully legalize weed, and mushrooms, fully legalize sex work, and start work on some Casinos.


So that after this is over, if they did these 4 things, you'd have to beat Tourists off with a stick.



Sounds good to me (realizing this is a fantasy at best) but not sure the junta wants *that* type of tourist.  Millionaires or bust is their attitude, unbelievably 🤣

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