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Analyst: Thailand needs pandemic under control next month to see economic recovery this year

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And Thailand needs water to grow rice.


The low level of this kind of studies is always striking.


And more seriously always deeply orientated.


No mass vaccination is not the only solution to solve this terrible pandemic that killed... 1 332 Thais in 15 months...


Natural immunity is a very efficient solution. Taking care of sick people is another solution (instead of watching them for 14 days in an hospital and giving them paracetamol).


And last but not least : vaccinate only the people who need it ! The people who are a target for this virus : the old people with pathologies.


With those 3 leverages, we could stop all the circus in a matter of weeks.


Instead we refuse the reality, and we deliberately create our own jail, our own terrible problems.


It's absurd.

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1 minute ago, Isaan sailor said:

While you’re at it, how about getting the Baht under control?  For a nation in crisis, a high currency will only exasperate the problems.

I think the issue is it is well under control.....

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5 hours ago, webfact said:

“The Thai economy in the fourth quarter will grow considerably if we advance vaccine distribution enough to boost household and business confidence,”

yes and Blackpink will be doing a private concert for me at my house. 


this will be under control next month for sure if I can come up with $1,000,000. 

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Just now, Caldera said:

There's no way this outbreak will be under control by the end of next month. With a lot of luck, it won't get even worse by then.

Numbers seem flat in the last week or two if they are to be relied upon.

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9 hours ago, webfact said:

if the current outbreak can be brought under control by the end of July


We can forget about that then because there's no chance of it being under control in 7 weeks time.


It takes about that long to vaccinate everyone, so if they vaccinated everyone tomorrow the benefits would only show through over the next 4 to 12 weeks.


So there is a zero chance of this happening, absolutely not going to happen zero percent.

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4 hours ago, Eric Loh said:

Bringing the pandemic under control and economic recovery are two distinctively different proposition. I wouldn't put my bet on this junta government to perform well on both these two matters. Maybe just maybe some hope if a national government under the premiership of a civilian can be formed as a transition to a snap election. This military government got to go before we can see recovery. 


I don't believe we've really seen the economic decline yet but it's coming.


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Most covid vaccines require 2 shots.

It takes 2 weeks after the second shot to develop full immunity, so since the reccomeded period between the first and second is 12 weeks (depending on type), then another 2 weeks to develop full immunity,

14 weeks in total.


 Even if every body gets their first dose tomorrow, it will be mid September before we can partake in the recovery. This assumes there are any vaccines of course.


note: Some idiot has reccommended that the period between doses should be 16 weeks so the recovery cannot start until October.

End of July???  Tell them they are dreaming!!!!

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2 hours ago, ukrules said:


I don't believe we've really seen the economic decline yet but it's coming.


Consecutive quarters of negative growth, Baht plummeting and credit ratings cut will signal economic decline. The financial sector appear sound and Thailand has a large foreign reserves. However if this government continue to borrow above the financial sustainability, it will hasten economic decline. 

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