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Por re bor for motorbike with sidecar

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I have motorbike and sidecar and need to get the bike checked at a checking station, do i need to remove the sidecar for checking?

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6 minutes ago, VocalNeal said:

Not if it was originally a side car



Very few where originally  registered with the "sidecar"   so I'd say odds are the "sidecar" should be removed before taking it for inspection.

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No problem where we live maybe a brown envelope needed where some here live that's there problem.

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4 minutes ago, Henryford said:

What do these checks actually check. When you see the state of some motorbikes on the road it can't be too onerous.

The checks are actually quiet extensive, lights, brakes, noise, emissions etc. If you see otherwise its more a case of skipping the test and not registered.

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15 hours ago, steve187 said:

i have to remove mine

It depends on how old the bike is if it is more than 5 years old ,then yes you have to remove the side-car ,they now take photographs ,if the bike is less than 5 years no need.

I had to remove the side-car from the wife's bike ,and also put the chain guard back on ,it should be in the original  condition when it is checked ?

The side-car is mounted in 3 places ,the side stand bracket ,the bike headstock ,and normally  at the back on the rear grab rail ,not a difficult job ,our bike it was 4 bolts .

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