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High Speed Internet Options?

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Could anyone in Krabi tell me if DSL is available out there.



i live in ao nang and have TOT ADSL - quick on Thai hosted sites but not too special outside of thailand :o

I am also interested in renting a small apartment or room where I could hook up 24 hour internet...fast enough to connect to US brokerage firm

when are you arriving and how long are you staying? i may be able to help u out...PM me

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Does anyone have any updates? ADSL speed internet access is a REQUIREMENT for me (DTac GPRS, won't cut it) and I'm looking for some short-term cheap apartments. Will it be possible in Krabi?

When I lived in Sri Racha, the TWO apartments I stayed at had HS internet access that could be purchased per month with no commitment (they purchased one ADSL line and shared it throughout the apartments) Has anyone heard of something similar in Krabi? I'm probably looking for more upper to middle class thai housing rather than Foreigner priced accommodations.


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