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Diving Instructor Found Brutally Murdered

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Do you think people in a 3rd world country can call 911 and have a crime report taken over the phone or have a police car dispatched to them like in America?

In Thailand? Yeah!

Call the cops and they'll come haul everyone off to the police station to sort out what happened, might take them a while but in my experience they show up in about 30 minutes.

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Murders do happen all over the world, and indeed all over Thailand, but it seems that I/we only here about murders and violence from Pattaya. Why? I visit good friends in Pattaya who have good jobs working in the oil industry, and all I hear from them is murder, and violent stories. May I add that Pattaya is the first and only place that where I have seen dead bodies, from gunshot wounds, and motorcycle accidents.

It has certainly made me a more cautious rider.

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Just to PROVE how bogus these statistics are, the previously referenced list that places Thailand as # 3 for firearm deaths:


states that there are .31 gun homocides per 1,000 population. But at the same site, if you check for the TOTAl murder rate (by all causes):


it says that there are only .07 murders per 1,000 people. Both of these figures can't be correct.

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I can understand about the murders and suicides in Pattaya :D

every time it is time for me and my wife :o to go back to the UK i feel like killing my self and because i bitch and complain so much about going back i think the wife :D would like to kill me :D

Still i get to come back again :D

I love the place


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Pattaya must have one of the highest death rates in the world; In a country not at war.

Do you write for a newspaper by any chance? I wouldn't be surprised with a statement like that.

What a load of crap. Pattaya is no worse than any other large town/city with a large transiant population.

Chiangmai is many times larger than Pattaya, and last year accomodated over 1,000,000 "transient visitors" according to TAT - we have nowhere near the "foreign community associated" rate of suspicious deaths that Pattaya has. Neither does Phuket from the figures I see reported.

Something much more than the "transient visitor" levels involved in that town's death rates.

........ and yes I am a journalist - dunno about the other poster though

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Thai on Thai shootings are a problem here (well for the Thai's anyway). When you think of the number of farang living here both retired and working plus the high levels of tourists of course there will be deaths and murders. The high number of suspicious deaths equals about 4 over the last 12 months. Unfortuantly a few of our kind get involved in businesses that they shouldn't be involved in here and suffer the highest price!

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No I hope not. But 60 stabs indicates a severe anger problem and definitely way over kill. One stab simply would suffice. Wouldn' you agree?? But then again we will never know the minds of such person.


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Actually for the average person (I mean those without combat/military training) Stabbing someone to death is not that simple. Depending on the type of knife, the physique/alertness/etc of the victim. Then one stab generlly never does the job. There are many cases of people surviving multiple stab wounds. A good forensic scientist can determine how many of the stab wounds were committed after the victim had died. If there are many then this does generally point to a "punishment killing" rather than a regular Hit.

As the victim was a Thai national I expect the police will be slightly more diligent in pursuit of the case than if the victim were a foreigner. In my experience they tend to want to get rid of the case as quickly as possible when a Farang is involved, whether that is due to the larger red tape issue or a feeling that it must be buried quickly so we dont have negative foreign press, I leave to your own thoughts.



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Belgian held in killing of diving instructor

PATTAYA: -- A Belgian man was arrested yesterday evening in connection with the murder of his Thai ex-girlfriend, police said.

Police apprehended Sam van Treeck, 24, at his condominium in Pattaya. He denied killing scuba-diving instructor Chompoonut Koyram, 23.

Chompoonut died of multiple stab wounds at her condominium in Pattaya on Saturday.

The victim's mother, Sa-nga Phanbuatong, said yesterday she believes the jealous ex-boyfriend killed her daughter. She said her daughter had told her van Treeck had asked her to get back together.

"Chompoonut turned him down as she was already in a new relationship," Sa-nga said.

"My daughter said he was very upset about the refusal and he had tried many times for a reconciliation," Sa-nga said.

Van Treeck was Chompoonut's first boyfriend and after they broke up she married a French man with whom she had a baby girl, Sa-nga said.

Chompoonut broke up with her French husband three years ago, and took her baby to her parents in Buri Ram, her mother said.

"She was with her new Canadian boyfriend Noah before she was killed," Sa-nga said.

"I think Sam van Treeck might be the person who killed my daughter out of jealousy and anger as my daughter did not want to get back together with him," said Sa-nga.

Sa-nga said she and her husband, Dim Kobrum, 50, were enraged at the lost of their girl and also at the fact their three-year-old granddaughter had been left an orphan.Police said yesterday they would have to wait seven days for the results of DNA testing on blood thought to belong to the murderer that was found on Chompoonut's body.

A tape from the condominium building's close-circuit television showed that van Treeck was with Chompoonut at the time of the murder, police said.

Van Treeck told police earlier that he was staying with Chompoonut, but was out of the room at the time of her death. He said someone might have taken the opportunity to kill her after he left the room, police said.

Police said they would take van Treeck to the condominium for a re-construction of the alleged murder.On Saturday, Chompoonut's naked body, which had received more than 20 stab wounds, was found in her condominium, police said. Chompoonut's body was sent for autopsy, police said, adding that they believed she might have been killed over a relationship conflict or during a robbery.

--The Nation 2004-06-28

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I see quite a lot of half-dead or almost-dead farangs in Pattaya. So I guess to turn from half-dead into complete-dead is not that baffling, is it?

Why bother about statistics? Just ask yourselves if you feel unsafe walking in the streets of Thailand or Pattaya. I feel very safe walking there anytime of the day. But still I am always on full alert. I don't care how high the murder rate is as long as the killings do not involve people killing people for no reasons or for the reason to rob. Meaning that they are avoidable if you behave correctly.

About the high murder rate in Pattaya: not surprising at all. Look at it, it is mostly about women, drugs and nightlives. So much money involved, so much competition, so much complexities. Any similar places on earth would be the same!

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