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BANGKOK 19 April 2019 01:29
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"own"property Visa 0 Garantee?

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My whole family is considerd farang by Thai Immigration.

Yet I have managed to take over a existing Thai lease on my name.

It gave us the opportunity to get the Yellow house registration book.

I have been granted a Non O retirement visa

My wife and Child a dependent Non O

My question is

since i have to comply with the 800.000 and/or 65.000 monthly etc etc rule

has anybody ever experienced that (since i am registerd as Householder) my lease investment

approx. 750.000 bath is considerd equaly in case of a 800.000 cash shortfall?

in other words

does immigration should take this into account?


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You bring up an interesting issue.

Wouldn't it be great and logical if Thai immigration required less funds of retired expats who OWN their homes, either condos or lease deals? Mexico does this. I think they require 50 percent of the total amount for those who own Mexican homes.

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