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Why Was This Post Closed?

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I noticed a post with the title "Bangkok Office Of American Law Enforcement Agency Assists In Conviction Of American Child Sex Tourist" and I wanted to post a reply, but it was CLOSED???

Why??? Why would the powers to be not want to have responses to this story? As a child advocate and actively helping children alonside the Ministry of Social Welfare in Thailand, I think this should warrant a discussion regarding the policy of "Sexually Abuse a Child in Our Country, Go To Jail In Yours".

Additionally, I think the Bangkok Office should also take a deep look into the corruption and billions of baht in the child sex tourism problem in Thailand. One American is not news to get such publicity. Lock up the sex tourism mafia...now, that's news!

If this post is deleted, it will really surprise me. I hope its not censured.

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The post was closed as per board policy with regards to topics of this nature. Unfortunately this topic tends to attract a lot of unsavory replies, and creates alot of work for the forum moderators.

The topic is not censored as the story is still there to be read, however it is closed to discussion.

I will also remind you that discussing moderation on the forum is against the forum rules, if you would like to discuss this further please PM a moderator or contact support[at]thaivisa.com

This topic is now closed.

totster :o

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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