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! Teaching Job In China !

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I am returning to LOS and helping my employer replace me. This is information not "official" yet, it is from me (Rex) pending official publication by my employer in the next week or so. Please pass the info along to anyone you think might be interested. E-mail Rex ==> rexall-nospam8433@writesoon.com for more info.

POSITION : English Language Consultant (English Teacher, et al)

PLACE : Guangdong Province, China ( 2 hr. from Guangzhou & Hong Kong)

START : 8 September 04

SALARY : 7,000 RMB (US$850 ), plus many, many benefits. See below

DURATION : 1 year minimum


Teach general ESL, Business English and ESP to company employees 15-20 classroom hours per week M-F between 12:00 noon and 9:00 p.m., including office hours performing needs analysis, placement and diagnostic testing, reporting, admin, curriculum development, materials creation, and class prep?plus occasional editing, proof reading, one-to-one coaching and other language support as necessary. Reporting to HR, however, you will essentially function as the one-person English Department and have plenty of leeway to design programs and projects to address the language needs of groups and individuals: Your mandate is to encourage the use of English and generally to improve the level of English competency throughout the company. This sounds like a tall order, but most of it is ?potential?, as the workload has in fact been very undemanding during the past year. However, this is definitely a situation for someone who is professional, knows how to be self-directed and enjoys taking initiative. You report directly to the HR Director and will follow her guidelines in a general way--however, HR and the other departments will look to you as the TEFL expert, which means that you have to know your subject and your craft and be able to justify your approach pedagogically.

The company is experiencing rapid growth and so the opportunity exists for an ambitious and talented person seeking a long-term situation to expand the scope of this position or to grow into other positions and/or move to other locations with the firm in China or elsewhere. A previous expat English teacher has been with the firm for four years, no longer involved with TEFL, she enjoys an increasingly responsible management role with the company. The position and environment is particularly well-suited to someone who is gregarious and who would enjoy socializing with the students/staff outside of working hours; playing sports, having meals, shopping, watching videos, going on weekend outings, etc. No shortage of nice people eager to be your friend, spend time with you and help become comfortable in new surroundings.


The local branch of a European, ?Fortune 500?, multi-national electrical engineering firm operating in 120 countries with many joint venture factories throughout China and Hong Kong. Actively expanding staff, the local branch presently has more than 300 employees consisting of factory line workers, admin and accounting staff, engineers and other technical professionals, and management. Staff is very young, mostly in their early to mid 20?s. Management is from Northern China and Hong Kong. One of the three largest employers in this town, very well-know and well-respected locally.


The town is a "hamlet" by Chinese standards, population 800,000, fairly new and growing quickly. Clean, safe, quiet and uncrowned compared to other cities in China. Convenient to Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, and Macau. Inter-city buses are cheap and frequent. Two hours by bus to Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Macau. 2.5 hours by ferry to Hong Kong. There is a pleasant little downtown area with a McDonalds, KFC, and two or three upscale (but reasonably priced) Western style restaurants, and, needless to say, plenty of great Chinese restaurants. Four supermarkets and many local streetside markets. Plenty of video shops with cheap American videos. Dozens of cell phone shops to recharge your prepaid card. Cell phones are cheap and easy to obtain. Use your Thai or Khmer handset and buy SIM card here. Modern, comfortable taxis are cheap and plentiful; you can hail on the street or telephone for pick up. Incredibly cheap and scary ?mototaxis? & tuk-tuks as well.

However, there are still few foreigners here, not much English is spoken, and few services are geared toward foreigners. Not much night life in the way of bars and clubs. This is definitely the place see how ?real? Chinese people live and how real Chinese culture is expressed in a modern environment. Lots of opportunity to meet people, make friends and study language and culture. Comfortable, but a rather ?plain vanilla? sort of place, and is definitely NOT some picture-post card, fantasy of traditional Chinese fishing village nor is it a flashy place like Shanghai nor a place of historical interest such as Beijing. You will have to allocate weekends and holidays to some of the ?traditional? China.


7,000 RMB per month (aprox. US$850 : $1=8.27 RMB ) depending upon qualifications.,


Round trip airfare

Fully furnished, one-bedroom apartment (not shared)

(Apt. in company dormitory includes 2 air cons, TV, microwave, etc. telephone (you buy prepaid phone card), free ADSL, gas, electric, water paid)

Contract completion bonus (1 month?s salary)

Generous annual profit sharing bonus

Annual salary review (increase)

All Chinese income tax paid

Visa feels paid

Gas, electric, water paid.

Unlimited bottled water

ADSL internet connection

Laptop computer (for business and personal use)

Three meals per day in the company canteen

Free company minibus to Guangzhou on the weekends.

All Chinese national holidays (clumped together to give 3 long vacations per year)

Plus 18 days of annual leave (vacation) per year

Plus, sick leave

Local health insurance

The salary is modest, but higher than the average China TEFL salary of 4,000 RMB . . . However, when you add up the value of the benefits, the compensation is EXCEPTIONAL. If you are thrifty, you can comfortably bank most of your salary.


Native English Speaker from UK, North American, Australia, New Zealand

Bachelors Degree from an accredited 4 year college or university.

CELTA or equivalent

Two years full time teaching experience, ideally in a business or corporate setting

Computer literate (the more, the better) .

"Self starter" who enjoys working independently.

References (will be checked)


PM me or e-mail direct at ==> rexall-nospam8433@writesoon.com with any questions

Next, if interested in applying, send a professional resume as an MS Word attachment.


Do not apply unless you are truly interested.

Do not accept any offers unless you intend to arrive on time, as agreed.

Do not arrive unless you intend to complete your contract and stay the full year or longer.

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Are you kidding? US$850 a month? This is a joke huh? I know some people that left Thailand to teach in CHina. They did it to earn more, not to earn less....


ohhhhh I see, this is corporate teaching; you're earning less because you're teaching in a business environment.. teaching them Chinese what business is.

It seems they know better what business is than you... :D

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I agree with Dutchy, this pay is way too low. I might be overqualified for the postion but I can make way more than that here. No reason for anyone to sell themselves short. Let the desperate folks take that job!

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I like the "this information is unofficial" approach attached to the semi-professional job-offered post layout.

I tend to be suspicious of ads offering jobs to folks abroad, which emphasize that one must show up and stay the whole year if one accepts- that probably translates as "you'll want to run, so resign yourself to this first!"

Also, placing this kind of ad is obvious fishing for folks who don't really know what conditions are on the ground, which tends to mean that the folks who ARE on the ground wouldn't take this kind of job. The 4000/month salary quoted as average would then be the backpacker standard?

Plus, once you arrive, they've GOT you in their dormitory!!!

Knew some schemes like this in Japan- they tend to be ok if you use the job as a staging post for finding something better. Be ready to move when you quit, though!


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And the winner is.... shazz shezz :o

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I'm living and working in China at the moment and I have to agree with the overall sentiment of the posters above. Yes, 7000rmb is 3000 more than the national average, but the national average is based on mostly the poorer regions of China of which Guangdong province is not a part. Guangdong is a designated "special economic region" as are Shanghai, HongKong, Shenzen and zhuhai amongst others. The average salary in those places is more like 10000rmb per month.

The teaching contact hours coupled with the "prep/office" duties leave little time for earning extra income. I would say this might be a fair opportunity if the salary were closer to double that on offer.

Only the inexperienced or desperate would look twice at this offer.

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I'll pass. Thanks any way. Why exchange the devil you know for the devil you don't for the same money?


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I agree with Dutchy, this pay is way too low. I might be overqualified for the postion but I can make way more than that here. No reason for anyone to sell themselves short. Let the desperate folks take that job!

I'm surprised at the responses here.

Maybe thats because I know the company hes talking about and I've been to their factory and offices. Its a great place.

Teachers here talking about making 30-40K and snub an offer of 35K after all expenses? What about that the line about bonus and profit sharing? That company is one of the most profitable divisions they have in China.

No problem with social life and finding a girlfriend would a piece of cake.

Not to mention the connections and relationships you could cultivate with the expat community.

I would jump at the opporituniuty if I didn't already have a good job already.

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I trust Smiley. This "good opportunity for an ambitious worker who likes advancement" type thing is job-offer speak for "work your buns off for a Christmas bonus enough to buy a turkey." If the bonus was that good, they'd spell it out specifically.

If someone has to settle for 30K here, then maybe it *would* be a step up.


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