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BANGKOK 23 May 2019 00:22
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The Dodo Bird

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I'd like everyone who reads this, especially those in the Chiang Mai area, to know about this stage play being put together by a group of adult, farang thespians. We are calling ourselves The Gate Theater Group and some of us have quite a bit of experience in the field of dramatics. So, this promises to be a very interesting, seldome seen in this part of the world, night of live entertainment.

The Dodo bird is an intense one act drama which explores what it means to live on the fringe of society, to be a man who failed to achieve the universal dream of being able to sustain himself and his family and ceased to live by the culture's basic standards. The Dodo Bird represents those we often choose not to see: the guy with glazed eyes walking down the street talking to himself, carrying a bottle in a brown paper bag, maybe asking for change. All these Dodo Birds came from someplace, had parents once, maybe their own famlily, maybe a job.

In this play by Emanuel Fried, set in a nondiscript western industrial town, the Dodo bird is fortunate to work as a millwright's helper, due to the kindness of millwright Russ Nowark, who keeps him on despite hospital frequent visits for the d.t.'s; the job is just enough to get by on.

The story of how this particular human being reached this point of desperation and isolation is revealed in one evening in a bar across the street from the foundry, where the Dodo Bird is sober, washed, and waiting for a visit from his estranged daughter.

We would love to get all the Thai Visa members in the Chiang Mai area as well as those elsewhere, to come out and support our efforts.

The play opens at AUA (Language School) Auditorium, 24 Rajadamnern Rd. on October 19 with additional performances on the 20th and 27th.

Show starts at 7:30 pm each night. Donation will be 250 bt.

For more information write to thegatetheater@asia.com

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