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Which Teaching Insituition Should I Go To?

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I agree Ajarn. Kids intuitively pick up on any weaknesses a teacher may have and

then rub his nose in them repeatedly. An adult will usually be more tolerant of any shortcomings a teacher may have and work with the teacher.

kids are a challenge. I taught mostly children and tried to give work to other teachers who needed work. They refused the offer after finding out the job was teaching a kid. Some people are just not suited to doing it.

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Yeah, it takes a real special kind of teacher to do well with kids, and I know it isn't me. I just ain't got the energy anymore :D

I love kids, but on my terms :o

I've hired, trained, and supervised lots of kid teachers, though. I always fondly recall these teachers, both Farang and Thai. Teachers in Thai Prathom and Matayom schools are the hardest working teachers, by far, in my experience.

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