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Doing Business On The Internet

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I was a little reluctant to go ahead with this question because I see so many adverts & get rich schemes that seem totally beleivable but suspect are 'cons' but here it goes.

Is it possible to do business over the internet without falling prey to the con artists & other hawks out there ? How do you go about starting up your own small business on the net & what are the pit falls to watch out for and the benefits to be had?

I'm not after people's business ideas but would like to know how to navigate around working on the net without falling prey.

Cheers Chavy

You will never really make money overnight on the Internet. Like any bricks and mortar business it does take time. How much you put into it also pays. Here I am talking about time. Think of what it is that you like first off, then work around that looking for an income stream. There are loads of income streams other than pop-ups. Making money on the Internet is a numbers game, and in order to make the numbers grow takes time.

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