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Mae Sai/Tachilek Border Info

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Looks like Joel was right about the shops in Tachilek.

http://www.chiangmai-mail.com/current/news.Tachilek vendors close up shops

Sorry the link no longer works.


Business as usual last Thursday at the border crossing between Mae Sai and Tachilek.

Many traders on the border town of Tachilek in Myanmar have closed up shop amid fears that soldiers from the Myanmar army have begun to arrest owners who deal in illegal DVD and CD sales.

Many of the vendors in Tachilek are members of the Red Wa tribe and have been allowed under an agreement with the Myanmar government to sell their wares provided they do not carry or store weapons.

This past week reports surfaced that several vendors had been arrested by soldiers from the Myanmar government which prompted the closing of many shops, notorious for plying illegal goods, mostly from China.

Reports (that could not be verified by the Chiangmai Mail) state that members of the Red Wa army have been purchasing weaponry and stocking up on food provisions in preparation for future skirmishes with the Myanmar military.

The government of Myanmar had ordered the ethnic Red Wa members to volunteer as soldiers but this call has fallen on deaf ears. (CMM Reporters)


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Wel sed.

We had a trip to Mae Sai today to go to the market. Very Very crowded. There is a sale on which some stores offer up to 80%. off. I did not see the 80% discount offered. The sale runs from the 23rd to

For the umpteenth time man, they're not called VOA, they're Visa Exemptions. VOA's are for the following countries: Bhutan China Cyprus Czech Republic Estonia Hungary India Kazakhstan Latvia

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Yesterday Tachilet had a power outage - for officials too.

Wonder who's going to challenge me on this one...!!!

They did not!!!! In fact the power grid was working so efficiently that the voltage got really really high and people were worried that it might burn out their equipment so they turned it all off just to be safe.

Power outage!!! Hah!!!! No way!!!


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I think that at least a significant portion of Tatchilek's power is run on a big generator

I base this on seeing a trailor-sized generator humming during daylight hours - alongside the main street about a mile east of the bridge.

I've spent nights in Thatchilek, and when looking from the top of Mekong River Hotel late at night, the only significant lights to be seen on the Burmese side are on the hill - two miles north of town where there's a resort and golf course.

Don't show this note to the Burmese junta. In their paranoid stupor, they may tag me as a spy.

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I don't understand this.

Militia - even disorganized resisters - wouldn't buy

weapons at a public flea market for tourists.

And, since when would Burma have to worry about

respecting the copyrights of western DVD's?

China's government has absolutely no regard

for copyright law unless its their own products.

But you'd have to live there and see it - news reports

are completely inaccurate most of the time.

Could this be mafia related? Will DVD's return

with new owners making the profits?

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Be ironic if Burma became democratic before ....... :o

Wouldn't it though.. ROTFLMAO

Never happen, when the military gets control, they have a hard time releasing. Who is control here? Burma can call

themselves the "Democratic state of Myanmar" , just like Laos does, but it doesn't mean squat poop. :D

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