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A Funny Thing Happened.............................

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An amusing story ( for those who know him) from the F.C. tonight. A cat jumped on the table and made a bee-line for Yorkies beer. But of course before the cat could touch it, Yorky gave it a quick belt. Or would have done. But he missed the cat and demolished his glass of beer. :o The look on his face was classic. And it was 21.15, so the cat was laughing really.

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Luckily there was only 'arf a mouthful left in the glass.

You hate cats, but you LOVE beer. That must have really hurt knocking that glass over.

I bet it was like watching it in slow motion seeing the golden fluid draining from the overturned glass for you.

On the bright side at least it wasn't one of your famous double somersaults with half pikes stumbles that made you knock the glass over..... :D

They really are funny..... :o


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