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Flight Schedules

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? Didn't work.

Some copy/paste/edit work from:

http://www.quicktrip.com/index.html (no guarantee).

Bangkok (BKK / DMK) - Ubon (UBP)

DMK 6:05a UBP 7:10a DD 9310
BKK 7:25a UBP 8:30a WE! 20
DMK 7:25a UBP 8:30a DD 9312
DMK 7:40a UBP 8:45a FD 3370
DMK 7:50a UBP 8:55a SL 620
DMK 11:35a UBP 12:40p SL 624
DMK 11:40a UBP 12:45p DD 9314
BKK 12:30p UBP 1:35p WE! 24
DMK 12:45p UBP 1:45p SL 626
DMK 1:20p UBP 2:25p DD 9316
DMK 2:05p UBP 3:20p SL 628
DMK 3:30p UBP 4:30p DD 9324
DMK 5:25p UBP 6:30p DD 9318
DMK 6:00p UBP 7:00p FD 3372
BKK 6:00p UBP 7:05p WE! 28
DMK 6:55p UBP 8:00p SL 634
DMK 7:30p UBP 8:35p DD 9320

Ubon (UBP) - Bangkok (DMK / BKK)

UBP 7:05a DMK 8:10a SL 635
UBP 7:40a DMK 8:40a DD 9311
UBP 9:00a DMK 10:00a DD 9313
UBP 9:10a BKK 10:15a WE! 21
UBP 9:15a DMK 10:20a FD 3371
UBP 9:30a DMK 10:35a SL 621
UBP 1:15p DMK 2:20p SL 625
UBP 1:25p DMK 2:25p DD 9315
UBP 2:05p BKK 3:10p WE! 25
UBP 2:15p DMK 3:05p SL 627
UBP 2:55p DMK 3:55p DD 9317
UBP 4:30p DMK 5:35p SL 629
UBP 5:00p DMK 6:00p DD 9325
UBP 7:05p DMK 8:05p DD 9319
UBP 7:25p DMK 8:30p FD 3373
UBP 7:50p BKK 8:55p WE! 29
UBP 9:05p DMK 10:05p DD 9321

Chiang Mai - Ubon

CNX 6:20a UBP 8:10a K8 8311

Ubon - Chiang Mai

UBP 8:40a CNX 10:30a K8 8312

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Any word on the Ubon- Phuket flight ever starting back up?. I used to use it to get from Mukdahan to Phuket and it was great. Now it looks like a Nok Air connection flight through DMK will have to do. 

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