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Nicorette Or Nicotrol Gum - Available At Better Price In Los?

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First, my apologies for posting this here. I know the point is quitting, and it is very difficult for many. I'm an ex-smoker myself. But, I have an old friend in the US that is a die-hard smoker. Sorry, I guess that's not a joke, unfortunately. Anyhow, he's done so many things for me, like sending clothes and impossible-to-find items to me here, and I thought the least I could do was make some inquiries on his behalf at my favorite site for expat advice. I have included parts of his email to me, below. Basically, he asks if Nicorette and/or Nicotrol are available at substantially less cost in Thailand, so that he can save money on his own habit, and if the price was far less, perhaps sell it in the US on eBay, or something. I told him that from what I found out from a pharmacy here, it's more expensive in Thailand than in the US. If any of you have any information that would contradict my findings, please let me know how to find the less expensive source. Quoting my friend:

I am looking for Nicotrol, which is the exact same thing as Nicorette but re-branded & cheaper. I chew anywhere from 6 ~ 10 pieces a day. Helps me smoke less, and lets me get nicotine in non-smoking environments. The stuff I'm getting is of the Asian/Australian/New Zealand variety. Much easier to open the individual pieces - the US gum is child-proof & requires a lot of work to get the stuff out.

I am telling you this because it's costing me, at best, $0.18 per piece (it's much more expensive if I get it at a local pharmacy). I've been wondering where the seller gets it (I haven't bothered to ask; she's not stupid). I'm wondering what sort of deal you could find in Thailand, for nicotine gum, in bulk. If you can get it for cheap, and ship here for cheap, I might be able to make a few shekels on the side.

FWIW, there are 4 basic varieties: either 2mg & 4mg strength in mint & regular flavor (I'm a 4mg mint man myself). There are a few others; orange flavor, coated (sorta like chicklets), some new 'burst' flavors. It's normally sold in 105 piece boxes.

Please don't shoot me, I'm just the messenger - I would appreciate your help though!



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I noticed a new brand on the market cant remember the name.

I did notice it was B60 for a pack of 6. Which I think works out to be about the same price.

Significantly cheaper than nicorette whether 2 or 4mg.

Not sure of the dosage though.


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