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Chiang Rai Member Search Doesn't Turn Up Much.

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Many of your retorts can be covered with a general disclaimer, that my response was intended to be theoretical and any resemblance to anyone living or dead was purely accidental and unintended. No need to personalize anything or think I was making assumptions about your alcohol intake or anything else.

As for snubbing people, that would imply meeting them, which I thought I made pretty clear, I am rather reticent to do.

I didn't say I wanted to know "who" people are. I was just curious about how many of us, anonymous internet entities, are lurking out there in the Rai. I would guess that very few actually live in Chiang Rai city proper. I would include anyone who views Chiang Rai as their regional hub and shopping town. Depending on the route I take I am between 50 to 60 KM out of town, yet I still say I live in Chiang Rai.

Admitting to living in Chiang Rai is hardly an invitation for people to drop by. I'm sure it would take a fair amount of time and effort to cover the entire region trying to track someone down. No I'm not being paranoid, just making an observation.

If I were to come across another foreigner in the normal corse of living my life, that would be very different from meeting an online entity. The foreigners I have met here are all from different countries, both Western and Asian. None of them seemed to be wondering the Web. Most either visit the village because the wives come from here or have stopped by to look at the house. The village connection gives us something in common right from the get go and provides a base from which to search for other similar interests. Nothing contrived or fabricated, just good old personal interaction. Sometimes we agree to be polite to each other but don't find we have enough in common to spend a lot of time together. Usually we have enough going on in our lives that our interests would have to overlap considerably to be able to find the time.

As for having a high opinion of myself, of course I do. Not sure I would enjoy spending time with someone who didn't. If a person has a poor opinion of themselves who am I to disagree with them and value them more than they value themselves?

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are Pakistannis and Bangladeshis included among the "foreigners" you're interested in?

then there are Burmese, Yunnanese, and even Koreans (both English-speaking and not, from north and south, illegal and illegal, etc etc etc - as Youl Brenner said in a movie)

many, many Farang have homes in the CR countryside, often are in their home-country, seldom go to JetYod bars, and don't even know this forum exists.

the immigration poeple apparently do not estimate how many English-speaking Westerners spend a lot of time here -

and no one else really has the capacity. I'd guess, over a 10 year period, you'd find at least 800 who've returned during at least 5 of the years and spent a total of 2. But as I'm not familiar with a lot of the missionaries and golfers, the # could be quite larger - especially if you count folk whose English is fairly minimal...

proper answers to questions often involve understanding of the intended usage of the info

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Come on guys, I didn't say I was interested in anyone and Asians includes all Asians, (North, South, East, West, Southeast or whatever.) Should I have included African and Polynesian since I was trying to be inclusive?

These responses just reiterate my reticence toward meeting anyone who haunts these pages.

I have only found one person interesting enough to correspond with in PM or email.

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Don't be lonely out there in the village.

Next time you're in town call into my house for a cup of coffee.


Sure, sounds like a great idea and I'm sure I'll have no problem finding you. After all how hard could it be? We both live in the same region....

In all seriousness that sign of yours is a little scary and overwhelming. Please be gentle, I'm kind of shy.

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OK, so I go to members search, toggle more options, and go down the page to location and type in Chiang Rai and I only see one additional name. Coyote guy doesn't show up and his profile clearly says Chiang Rai Scotland. What am I missing? By the way, thanks AjarnP for showing up.

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That village looks a bit too 'built up' for my likeing, maybe you should think about moving out into the sticks. ;-)

When the urban press of the village gets to be too much I retreat to that puddle of water (center right) or take off on my mountain bike and try to get lost.

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