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" Anonymity can bring out the worst in people. Similar to the dog safely behind his fence, lashing out at everyone that passes. Harmless but annoying. "

I don't really see the Insensitive replies so much, Maybe 'Insensitive replies' are something we Brits are good at. Along with some of our Northern friends. Maybe its a "Northern" thing. I just see it as "straight Talking" . Believe me ; We're just as likely to be insensitive in person :D

Its a shame people don't join the Forum because they are too sensitive. Its a great source of information and great for days when I need to talk to myself in English or atleast a sort of English :)

Jubby, you have tried to explain the whole British humor thing to me before. Guess some things just don't transfer across different cultures.

There are always things that fall into that basket of we agree to disagree, and this seems to be one of them. Since this communication style seems so prevalent in certain circles of the Rai, you are obviously better off being less uncomfortable with it. Perhaps even makes you feel at home.

It simply isn't something one cares to learn how to deal with. My annoyance seems to push buttons with those who are annoyed with my being annoyed. Sad that they get so flustered with those who are different, but such is life. :D

(Minimal use of "I", in an effort not to annoy.) :D

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Hmmm. Thanks . I think. :D

Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall get themselves in the sh*t ! :D

I've met quite a few , probably slightly more than you , of the expats in Chiang Rai. Although breifly as I don't get into town much. One thing I can say is they/We are all strongly individual . More so than your normal if I can use that word without offence, average non-expat back home ; wherever home is. Extra ordinary maybe. Thats the way I like it. Live and let live is my Motto . My Visits being brief , So I don't tend to rub anyone up the wrong way, or so I hope and Visa-versa.

Now what am I trying to say here. I've forgotten already. memory like a Fish . :D

Some of us like a few Drinks, Some of us like to play Golf. Some of us Ride Mountain Bikes & Phantoms & some of us have Mia noi's :) Disgusting really. The Golf that is :D

Can't we all just get along. Lifes too short etc. etc.

This will be my last post on this topic also :D

Edited by jubby

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I used to play Bridge in another life. Any bridge players out there? We could get up an afternoon club. :)

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