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Check out this cheeky corner. http://www.dailymail...ner--video.html

Our best (only decent!) moment of this season!!!    

can't believe he didn't get sparked out for that.

Am I allowed to stick on a documentary about football hooligan's JS , or are we keeping this as strictly football ???.

I think we should keep it as football. Though there is nothing wrong with pisstaking as long as its within the rules of TV. Football hooliganism would probably go against the rules of TV here.

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Thanks for asking before posting. I did delete a post by MrBoJangles yesterday which while it was funny. It did go against the rules of TV.

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I did delete a post by MrBoJangles yesterday which while it was funny. It did go against the rules of TV.

Solly :D

it was funny though :D

Any chance of a pm Mr b :D

I'll have a look when i get home buddy. I can't do it here as for some reason certain sites (including youtube) are blocked when i'm on my company laptop. Hope they never find out how much time i spend on this site :o

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This is what happneed when the keeper wasn't watching. :o:D :D


Good to se the defenders laughing about it though, pretty sportsmanlike.

BAN GOAL CELEBRATIONS BY KEEPERS..bet thats on their dressing room wall now :D

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Classic game from the old first division from 1982- no sub goalkeepers of course in those days- look out for a young Paul Bracewell in goals, later replaced by veteran defender Derek Parkin. Great performances by Brian Stein and Paul Walsh for Luton, Georgie Berry scoring twice and Mark Chamberlain in form- later called up for England that month. Micky Thomas in the Stoke side also. Loads of goals, a red card and missed penalty in the 90th minute.


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Those are some mad skillz, why did I not think about running around the edge of a roof juggling balls when I was a kid. If Nani just got told off for his juggling actics against the arse at the weekend these boys would have got a serious kicking. I would love to see some more of those sorts of skills incorporated into the top leagues

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