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Whereas I agree with the spirit of Tony's post, let me give you an example from the other side...

A friend decided to start a business for his bored wife to sell women's office clothing a few months back. Set up shop in a group of stalls next to several office buildings in the Sathorn area. 8k/mo rent for a stall. 20k worth of inventory. No salary as the wife worked there herself. Problem was the amount of customers... peak traffic times were relatively short- lunch and just after work. Simple math- the amount of customers x profit from each transaction wasn't enough and during the best month they only broke even- other months they lost so they shut the stall after three months.

Lots of opportunity in retail but it's certainly not automatic profit.

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some peeple will believe the woorld is flat if you tell em the world is flat..............lol.

whats up with this starting buznit for bored gfs and wives. is this a thai thing. if i was bored i wouldnt want to operate a money losing buznit which is what you get if you running a biz to cure boredom.

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