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I am also Sunderland from mmmmmmm ... Newcastle ... strange but true!

Depite also being a big fan of the Black Cats since I was 6 years old (I'm also now 10!) I also gain most pleasure from winding up Newcastle fans. I also don't worry about Middlesbrough as they're just a small village in North Yorkshire. Oh, I also love Leeds United too ... sheepshaggers the lot of 'em!!

By default I am also half English and half Scottish ... but as both are a waste of time on the international front I will also be cheering Burkina Faso in the forthcoming World Cup qualifiers.

I'm a twin.

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Not much is cheap anymore MrB. Nasty inflation. It was dirt cheap when I first arrived in 2006.   A distinct four seasons, and rarely gets down to freezing.   Pretty women !

hello Mr B, I am an Everton fan so yeh not posted on the forum, christ sounds like something from an A A meeting...lol but yes I do like a bit of banter. a  couple of mates played for R

Argentina's got enough problems Ronaldinho ! IMF back with a vengeance !

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Just noticed today that there are quite a few visitors to the forum, who don't usually post. We like the football banter on here and the more the merrier.

So come on, introduce yourself and tell us who your favourite team is. It always helps if we know who we all support when it comes to a bit of banter.

Jockstar, could you make this a sticky?

I'll start,

Fav team= Manchester City. Discussion thread here:- http://www.thaivisa.com/forum/index.php?sh...&start=1600

However, i now live in Rochdale, so they are my favourite lower league team. Well, maybe not favourite but i look out for them every week :D Discussions on lower leagues here:- http://www.thaivisa.com/forum/index.php?sh...5&start=275

National Team:- Intentionally left blank, until i get my head around last nights result :D

Good idea MrBo. I have pinned this thread now.

As MBJ has said above. Its great to have new members adding to the banter in this forum. Well for me.

Scottish and proud. I support Glasgow Rangers. But if i had to go for an English team then i have always had a soft spot for Liverpool. When i was a kid i had the Liverpool kit that was yellow with the white pin stripes. Anyway to the new members or old who pop in for the banter and chew the fat. Welcome and enjoy. :o

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Long sufferering Spurs fan originally from Herts (crap place called Cheshunt) but havn't lived there for 30 years. Now living in Chiang Mai. Remember well watching the likes of Mackay, Blanchflower and all the others but then again as a Spurs fan it does pay to have a long memory eh.


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Welcome PolPotter

I don't know much about Stoke, who are your big rivals/enemies? Is it Port Vale? They'll be playing Rochdale next year :o

Probably pass each other by MR BJ :D BTW PolPotter........have you got your name down for the footy & beer night in BKK this Saturday ? It's also Scousemouse & yourstruly's birthday p1zz up to boot :D

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Welcome Mahseer (what does that mean by the way)?

Mahseer is a fresh water fish that inhabits mainly India and the big boys are all to be had on the Cauvery river in Karnataka state with Bangalore being the closest city. Record is up around 125lbs so a fair lump. Stunning sport if you can get into one but after 5 consecutive years I have yet to top 60lbs but that fishing.



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you boys having Bday celebrations without me?? :o

whats the world coming to :D

oh by the way...Im just a minority on here... an Arsenal fan :D the pride of England :D

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like I said....Im a minority....so why shouldnt the english be the minority in an english club :o

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