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I confess I no longer drink, but still occasionally shop for alcohol for or with others. I'm definitely an impulse buyer but cannot resist a bargain.

My wife (also Thai) cares little for shopping, just goes and buys and is indifferent to price differences. The only time I've seen her put out by price fluctuations was when when she sold some of her gold at 9000B, assuring me it would soon drop to 5000B and she would buy it back at a profit.

I never found out who her financial advisor was in transaction but I frequently point out the price at gold shops we walk past.

That's funny! I'm sure she appreciates your keen eye.

I read that you gave up drinking. I'm not a "drinker" but I like a little of what I like once in a while. Once in a LONG while. And that's okay. I got most of mine out of the way when I was a lot younger and before I had a family. So, I know what I'm missing.

I thought all Thai women were pretty tight with the baht but I don't know ALL of them. All of the ones I know seem to be on the same sheet of music and find much glee in notifying each other of a price that they missed out on, even if it is only a few baht.

My wife doesn't care for shopping for herself. In fact, if she gets anything new, it is likely that I bought it and gave it to her and got chewed out for it. But she is very aware of the baht we both spend. Because paying too much for an item gets her goat so bad, I can't help but find humor in it and, all the more when it happens while she's going out of her way to "save a few baht".

Along the lines of your wife and her gold, my wife will often sell off one stock or another based on some kind of information that just won't find a connection with my brain and then, after I have questioned the logic of it, the prices goes up. I find good fun in that as well. Overall, she's an ace with the market and she's very good at ignoring the advise of professional advisers and making good on it. So, for all of her tight-fistedness, I can't complain.

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