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Got Some Space And Lost For Ideas, 1st Time

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....in Bangkok probably in one of the most biggest foot fall roads/areas for male tourists in Bangkok...

So this implies that there are a fair number of 'single' local ladies in the area as well?

To get best value from the floor space it would be best to catch both ends* of the passing trade, and if there is demand (pending bar opening hours) open for as long as people are passing the shop.

[* I mean both farang men and local ladies.]

I assume that there is little space for stock and if people are passing enroute for a night out or on the way home shopping is probably not on their task list. So you should probably be looking at providing a service.

From looking at a few other successful businesses around me I like the idea of dual use, the shop that fixes motorbikes during the day switching to selling custom mobile phones afterdark, a random example.

So a service that caters to farang men going out at night would be 30-60 minutes massage to relax them and get them in the mood with a beer in a cool and calm enviroment with gentle quite music. Also addressing the dire hair situation that many older single male tourists suffer from would be having in-house hair dressing. Employ the idea that the guys going out are interesting in spending money on their entertainment - making them feel better by a good hair cut and manicure would be a winner, IMHO.

By having a few (!) of the passing ladies pulled in by promotional rates would draw in some of the SWMs as well, the problem would be to avoid making the place look or smell like every other hairdressers. (Would need to limit the hairdressing services offered.) Resolving the comb-over nightmare would be a service to mankind in itself, as part of a make over process keep it simple, identify the customers colors and finish with a complementary spray of aftershave that is popular with the local ladies, the compliment that they get after leaving is the hook that gets repeat and word of mouth custom.

To rope in any tourist in any business the key is signage in the tourists own langauge, then once inside staff that either speak English, Dutch, French etc OR have access to simple translation charts. Thais loose a lot of business by not even attempting to communicate - setting up a menu in a few langauges is not hard.

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