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Calling All American Combat Veterans

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Calling all American Combat Veterans


This information is provided by Dustoff. Please PM him for more information if you need to.


My fellow American combat vets,

The Chiang Mai Post of the American Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) is now a reality. If you are an American veteran of any foreign war zone and living or planning to live anywhere near Chiang Mai, reading this is a must!

Spouses and dependents of American combat vets are eligible for U.S. Veterans Administration (VA) benefits you, or they, may not even be aware of and the VFW Service Officers here in Thailand are of incredible help to Thai or other foreign national wives in the event of your passing. Membership is inexpensive and the best insurance you can have that your widow/children will receive whatever death benefits are coming to them as a result of your service.

The VFW also can directly contact the VA for questions about your own benefits, interfaces with the Thai Veterans Association, participates in Anzac functions with Australian veterans and provides Community Services in cities where their posts are located.


The VFW is a non-profit service organization, not a branch of the American Government or Military, not a commercial venture and is there to serve you, and your dependents when you go down.

I know that my loving Thai wife, as much as I try to teach her, will be ill-equipped to suddenly deal with death certificates, notifying the American Embassy, forms and applications to the US Veterans Benefit Administration and Social Security, not to mention dealing with bank accounts, wills, probate, et al. after the passing of her handsome American husband (that would be me).

In my humble opinion, contact with this organization, if not membership, is absolutely essential.

If you care about the future of your widow and children after you are comfortably dead, send a Personal Mail to Dustoff for more information.

Trust me, you will be glad you did...

Welcome home, brothers.


Chiang Mai VFW Post Web Site & FAQ

(Veterans of Foreign Wars PDF)

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