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Employee Overnight Allowance

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Spoken to a few sales reps in the last few days who usually are on 2 - 5 day road trips. The consensus amongst them is that 400B per day to cover food & accomodation has been reasonable over the past few years.

Obviously all vehicle costs are company resposibility.



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Anyone have local staff who occasionally stay overnight upcountry. I need to figure out a reasonable allowance. I would rather do this than have the hassle of paying receipts.

Thai friend has a good connection with a tour van operator .. only pays the "driver per diem" .. Bt 700 .. not sure what the breakdown between "wages" vs. "expenses" might be.

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I'll use 400 and see. They might sleep in the truck and pocket the money anyway?

That's not what you want - to have people sleep under bridges and be unable to work properly. Also, a lump sum per day may tempt them to graze grass just to save.

What I would do:

Accommodation bill + up to 400 baht for meals and expenses.

If they use their own car, it's petrol, tolls and certain amount per km for wear and tear (in Oz I had a 2500cc car and it was 33 cents A$ per km.)

Then, pay only the bills (actuals), it is your company's expense.

If you give them a lump sum, it counts as their income and will go atop of whatever they earn and tax is applicable. Then you are in that accounting complication.


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I've only done this ad hoc a few times but I've paid the accommodation and a daily allowance. Perhaps 70% of the time I have been there and been using a driver.

I offered to put the driver up in the same hotel once in Phetchabun (only Bt1000 a day) and he said no, he'd prefer to sleep local at about Bt300 per day. Food he had with us mostly but he had an allowance paid up front for a few days.

When I didn't accompany them, I think I gave a daily allowance of Bt500 per day to cover all accommodation and meals.

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