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Potability Of Chiang Mai Tap Water

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Some might recall my ice maker saga and the dilemma of making potable ice cubes.

Anyway, bought the side by side fridge with the water in the door and ice cube maker. Hooked it up to the house water supply and relied on the particle filter that comes with Whirlpool refrigerators.

Lo and behold, all works well and I have not had any noticeable sysmptoms of any diseases, diarehea or what have you.

The water department said the water was safe, and it appears to be.

While the smell of the water is not always the best, the filter seems to take the chlorine out of the water, as taste tests make discerning the difference between filtered tap water through the fridge and bottled water undetectable.

I live in a fairly new project. If one lives in an old condo or apartment or in the countryside where the delivery system for the water might be compromised, there may be a danger.

In any case, I have abundant ice maker ice, just as in a western country, and couldn't be more delighted with this creature comfort.

Anyone wanting a "like new", bottled water, counter top ice maker, mine is available for 10k baht. Of course, you could put tap water in it as well.

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