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Khun wife wants to try out the new "Duan"hotel on our next visit but as yet no web site mentions re;prices etc.Any leads?

I am quite happy with the old P.P.tower since its easy staggering distance from the new O"Ms pub,the Red Lion and even Bubbles.........however :D

New hotel happy with Chiang Mai occupancy rates

Phitsanu Thepthong (with thanks C.M.Mail)-got photo :o

Located in the heart of the city downtown, near the Chiang Mai night bazaar, the newly opened Duangtawan Hotel is drawing its mostly Thai domestic guests for seminars and workshops, while Japanese tourists on sight-seeing holidays run second.

The Duangtawan Hotel, the new paradise located in the heart of Chiang Mai City. (Photo supplied by Duangtawan Hotel)

The occupancy rate during this low season is about 90 percent, said Benchawan Chaemvimol, senior sales and public relations manager for the hotel. “Normally, the tour groups are more than government sector meetings, followed by walk-in guests sometimes as high as 30-40 rooms per night,” she said.

The hotel has been outfitted in elegant modern Thai architecture with Thai silk furnishing and contemporary Thai art. :D

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If he had said 110% in low season I might have believed him but then again T.I.C.M. :D

Last visit I nipped in for a quick one (beer)and from memory that was the night it opened,all bright lights and staff with shiny new uniforms who didnt have a clue and were walking about bumping into each other,but the set up and presentation all looked quite good.

Now a couple of months down the line we just figured......... :o

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