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Bus Crash In Songkhla

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the newspapers today were all to happy to report that  a bus going from Los Angeles to Las Vegas in the US crashed injuring 17 Thais. 

But look at the differences:  the bus was in a rainstorm and lost control.  It slipped off the road and fell SEVEN meters into a ditch and fell over onto its side.  No one was killed or seriously injured (life threatening).  At least the story didn't mention that.

so this bus driver had at least some skill in driving.  he probably wasn't speeding to begin with.  And he was able to control the bus enough to control its speed enough to prevent it from flipping over exessively and killing passengers.

The bus had 19 Taiwanese, not Thais. Part of the problem for the police was that nobody spoke enough English to find out where they boarded the bus and where they were going. Eventually it was learned that they were from the LA area and going to Las Vegas for the day. The crash happened during a rainstorm on a steep downhill section of I-15. The police have ruled it driver error, going too fast for the conditions. After my first trip to the LOS, I decided to get on the biggest vehicle on that route. I took a minibus from Hat Yai to Phuket and another from BKK to Pattaya. Never again, I vowed. The Thais drive like lunatics and have no regard for their safety or their passengers. I wanted as much metal around me as possible. I gave up riding the minibus if a full sized bus was also going that route. This article of an air con bus crash is really disturbing. What to do now? We all know motorbike, private cars, baht bus, minibus are all more dangerous than a full size bus. I guess I get on the air con bus and pray the driver wants to live at least one more day. :o

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