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Catholic Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, central Chanthaburi city, across the C River from the historic Chantaboon area

Last trip to the Beach.

Moored on the Chanthaburi River at Samet Ngam, the WWII British navy minesweeper HMS Minstrel, later HTMS Phosamton, appears to have taken on water and settled on the riverbed. Restoration has been ab

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Thanks for the great photo's, here's a few memories of my own.


White Sand Beach.






It's a dog's life.




A great spot for breakfast, the perfect hangover cure.

On the stool in the background is an offering, to the sun perhaps.

My friend too???


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Views of Koh Chang some 2005, mostly Dec 2007.......everywhere you look there is building and in-filling going on.

The digger on the beach is Klong Prao (Aug 2005), who gave me 50 baht discount, as I'd been there before. They were still charging the full low-season rate even though building was going on all over the sight, and made no mention of the work when I booked a room there. To be fair their agent on the mainland rang me while I was driving there to warn me about the work, but it was too late to change by then. I guess she realised how often I'd stayed at the place 9with extended family) and was horrified to find out that they had applied to me what apparently was the company policy of not mentioning the work to prospective punters.

Ban Bao is gradually being knocked down and replaced with concrete souvenir shops

Whitesands now has almost every available inch built on of cleared for building......the cutting back into the hills looks pretty dodgy to me...only a matter of time before a landslip runs onto a building.







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Some great pics posted so far. Mine aren't really favourites; just some celebs from last Saturday's day out at Toyota Chonburi (my wild life...)

Nong Cha Cha Cha, who I recognised, and Kwan, who I didn't.

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Today, 4 July 2011 headed to the Chanthaburi coast and my favourite beach, Chao Lao, 17km from home, one hill that requires a change of gear (cycling).

Had it all to myself.

In three hours I saw one fisherman (gave up after half an hour), one woman with her child.

The quiet life.

Please don't tell the people who insist there are no unspoiled beaches in Thailand. They'll only come here and spoil it.

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