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BANGKOK 17 February 2019 14:23

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Tha Mai has a pool, gym and outdoor gym/exercise park about 400m from town centre (past the fire station)

I'm unsure if there is another public, laned pool in Chanthaburi city?

This park area was opened in 2009 and is well used by locals early morning and in the evening; there's also a small children's playground, lake with fountain and too many fish and turtles; other evening activities can include outdoor aerobics, a 300m circuit jogging/walking track, tai chi, yoga, basketball, and games of takraw (I tried and failed).

One note if you're bringing the family - a dress code for the pool.

No baggy beach shorts for men; no shorts/t-shirts for women or children - 'bathing costumes' available for hire for women and children, unsure if they have swim shorts for men.

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3 September

New shophouses at Khlong Khud, halfway between ThaMai and the coast

800m past there - just before the temple - turned left and a 9km road, mainly along the side of the estuary, mangroves, fish farms; exits at the north end of the bridge at Paknam Khaem

Over the hill heading north and a swim at Chao Lao - doesn't show in the pic as they had finished swimming and were eating (!) but was busy - 7 coach-loads of students from a uni in Nakhon Ratchasima at one section of the beach, 8 more coaches 400m further along.

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Sa Kaeo Science Centre For Education

In the grounds of the Education Centre, a dinosaur park.

Situated on Highway 33 about 5km from Sa Kaeo city headed east towards Aranyaprathet on the Cambodia border.


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