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Catholic Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, central Chanthaburi city, across the C River from the historic Chantaboon area

Last trip to the Beach.

Moored on the Chanthaburi River at Samet Ngam, the WWII British navy minesweeper HMS Minstrel, later HTMS Phosamton, appears to have taken on water and settled on the riverbed. Restoration has been ab

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On 3/9/2019 at 1:45 AM, gomangosteen said:

Day trip to Koh Proet and Koh Kwang, south of Laem Sing, Chanthaburi






Hello, hope you don't mind me contacting you.


Plan a small motorbike tour from Sattahip mid June, have been looking at some of your photo's ( very nice ) and places you've visited and after some additional info if you don't mind helping out.


We're not looking for a race track just nice routes with cool stuff to see.


I'm aware we might get wet but not really bothered.


Day 1

Once past Rayong on to 4036 and stop at Kung Wiman beach / view point for some lunch and a look around. Then on to Hat Chao Lao beach and spend the night there somewhere, hotel recommendation?


Day 2

Continue along 4036 / 3149 stpping at Wat Chak Yai and then onto Namtok Pliu. Follow route 3 ( unfortunately ) down to Hat Banchuen and spend the night there, hotel recommendation?


Day 3

Down to the Narrowest point of Thailand for a look then up to Aranapraythet trying to hug the Cambo border as much as possible, any recomendations for places to visit or lunch etc along this route?


Day 4

Aranapraythet to Sattahip - not sure which way yet.


Any suggestions / ideas very much appreciated.



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^ hi, happy to help. If you're in no hurry, suggest turn off after Klaeng towards the coast, head to Prasae and the Navy ship dragged ashore



... from there follow the minor highway rather than going back to #3 it will take you directly to the Khung Wiman turnoff and beach about 400m from there. 

Chao Lao is 11km further south, depend what style accomm you're after, we've known the owners of Ton Wa for 8 years (about 800m past the 7-11 on main road) nice people and were often there on weekend getaways, little aircon chalets 600b/night, cross the road and walk 200m to the sea

Continuing southwards, over the hill and the bridge at Paknam Khaem Nu, pleasant rest area at rivermouth plus the popular 'blue temple' good photo opps

Laem Sing is a further 12km, ofer the Chanthaburi River bridge, many resorts but not recommended as a swimming beach, Wat Charg Yai is inland just before you reach #3 again, and Namtok Phliu a few km along on your left heading south. We've been there twice this week, cool clean pools below the waterfall, best place to be

Can't offer suggestions re Trat; when back in Chanthaburi you'll go off #3 onto #317 signposted north to Sa Kaeo, you'll want to get onto #3395 which roughly follows the border, great limestone 'mountains' along the border to the east, and Wat Khlong Hat is spectacular if you'd like a temple visit we regularly stop there on the way back from Sa Kaeo. 3395 will take you to Watthana Nakhon, west of Aranyaprathet however there are options along the way to take a more direct route.

Google Maps will get you everywhere!

I'll post some pics of the places mentioned later


Wat Paknam Khaem Nu - the blue temple




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  Here are some photos of mine from Koh Mak and the Cambodia Border Market in *enter unspeakable name of place here*. Koh Mak is an amazing place if you want to have an island for yourself, but just can't affort to buy one.123452.thumb.jpg.cb0dcf0877e9a7a249113d3702e44149.jpg





IMG_9530 Kopie.JPG

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On the Chanthaburi coast between Laem Sing and Chao Lao is the fishing village of Paknam Khaem Nu. Several resorts, a nice rest stop area at south end of the bridge, and Wat Paknam Khaem Nu - The Blue Temple










Used as inspiration for a fashion show last week










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