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^ like your photo

Where is it?

When we are at Khung Wiman on Chanthaburi coast, on a clear day can see three small islands further up towards Rayong (before Samet) these ones?

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Catholic Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, central Chanthaburi city, across the C River from the historic Chantaboon area

Last trip to the Beach.

Moored on the Chanthaburi River at Samet Ngam, the WWII British navy minesweeper HMS Minstrel, later HTMS Phosamton, appears to have taken on water and settled on the riverbed. Restoration has been ab

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Quiet time...fishing on Chanthaburi River at Chantaboon, 25 December 2016

Buildings in background are new extensions to the Catholic high school



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Nong Bua community is a few km out of Chanthaburi city on the way towards Laem Sing on the coast. Often stop here to refill my water bottles, have a short rest in the shade on my favourite bike route, a 56km loop

There's a strong cycling group here, road cycling and faster than I can keep up with. Nice area by the waterways that link to the main Chanthaburi River.




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