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A photo, and a little history:



“We are going to attack Chantaburi tonight. Destroy all the food and utensils we have, for we will have our food in Chantaburi tomorrow morning.”

This quote was made by King Taksin the Great on the night of June 15, 1767 before he and his soldiers made an attack. After they successfully took control of Chanthaburi, it was here at the present day King Taksin Camp where he raised his army to later fight and win back the country from the Burmese invaders.

In 1893, after years of abandonment, this camp was used again by the French Army occupying Chanthaburi while forcing Thailand to give up the land next to the two countries. 

Although the Taksin camp is now used as a base for the Royal Thai Marine Corps, the evidence and remnants of the past still remain - from the old city wall to the area where Prince Tak’s troop destroyed all their pots and pans, to the French-styled buildings constructed during the 10 years that they were here. 


There are also seven recently restored buildings from the French occupation on the site, including:





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Khung Krabaen environmental area,  estuary on Chanthaburi coast approx 3.5 x 2.5km, this is first time we have seen a tide low enough to uncover the mudflats



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7 July 2017 7.15am, road between our place and Tha Mai, that's the entrance to Tesco-Lotus to the left. No other option for us, had to get to the other side...this is worse than the 2012 floods here. Cleared by last night.


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