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Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones

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Good info, thanks for posting. I've often wondered about the Bose noise cancelling headphones. Sounds like they live up to their excellent reputation :)

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I recently bought a used Bose QC3 on eBay, and used it on my last trip back to France and back, I have been through a few models already and this is the best so far, not perfect, but comfortable and with an effective noise cancelling capability.

The battery never died, but I carried a spare one anyway. I even kept them on without music to muffle the ambiant noise, amazing. Only bad point, when the battery dies, you can't listen to music anymore. There is a Singaporean guy on eBay who carries all kind of accessories for it, in case you lose or break one...


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I prefer custom isolation headphones over cancelation head phones. There are no external batteries to be worried about, and there is no introduction of artifact noise etc. (keeping things pure and simple)



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there are a load of muppets with chain saws outside my window driving me absolutely nuts.

Would noise cancelling earphones cut the sound 100%?

What company/models would you recommend for home use.

Can you plug them into your PC like normal earphones, listen to Internet radio and use Skype to converse?

Thanks in anticipation

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where to buy a battery for bose 3 hearphones in Phuket?

Siam Paragon, second floor along the "HiFi row of shops", has a dedicated Bose shop that most likely has the battery you are looking for.

If you are not in Bangkok you could always call the Bose distributor for Thailand, The Asavasopon Co. Ltd., tel. 02-234 6467, web: www.asavasopon.co.th

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