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Tourists Killed Near Death Bridge

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Deepest sympathies to the relaives and friends of the deceased couple. What a sad and tragic loss.

Too early to tell just what really happened before the killings. Could it be that this is yet another example of a foreigner insulting a hypersensitive Thai male's ego resulting in a loss of face?

Old timers living in Thailand know that you never insult a Thai male without reference to pride and loss of face in that cultural setting. Thailand had c. 13,000 murders last year? The highest in South-east Asia I believe.

Yet another instance of how dangerous Thailand can be for the naieve.

Again though, lets see how this one unfolds.

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The assailant was trying to provoke the lad, by telling him to hit him. Like somehow that would justify his actions. But he had already made his mind up hadn't he. Cold blood.

Thais generally think of you as "not of interest" to them. Like a vicious dog chewing a bone, it will let you walk by. But god help you if it turns its attention to you. This leaves you with a false sense of security.

Like diving with sharks. If only they knew how vulnerable you were. Im amazed that we don't have more problems than we do. I mean, do they know what little rights we have? That they could set us up, blackmail us, rob us on a huge scale and most likely get away with it???

Maybe they are starting to realize what a soft target we are.

My condolences to the families.

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My advice to those residing here in Thailand or just visiting, is to keep your head down

Why not set up a warning sign at the airport:

Welcome to Thailand. Please keep your head down because the Police is trained for shooting but not trained to control their temper.


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Each year many Farangs are murdered in Thailand, but these are mainly persons that are somehow involved with undesirable people and undesirable professions, such as drug dealing, girl trafficking, smuggling and other illegal activities, plus of course pure stupidity.

Sure when this story have been through Mr. T`s office (editor) a few times the story is twisted around and all who happen is because of the foreigners stupidity.


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Update (The Nation):

Hunt for police officer 'who shot UK couple'

KANCHANABURI: -- An arrest warrant has been issued for a policeman who is the prime suspect in the killings of two British tourists early yesterday morning.

Senior Sgt-Major Somchai Wisetsing, a 39-year-old unit head at Muang Kanchanaburi police station, was named the chief suspect in the deaths of Adam Geoffrey Lloyd, 25, and Vanessa Claire Arscott, 24, who were gunned down in the streets of Kanchanaburi.

Police were hunting for the suspect after bloodstains were found in his car, Kanchanaburi police chief Maj-General Chaichan Kitichan told The Nation yesterday.

According to witnesses, the British couple drank with a Thai man in a food shop on Maenam Kwae Road.

The neighbourhood, which is close to the famed River Kwai Bridge and Death Railway, is popular among backpackers.

Somchai runs the food shop.

The couple later quarrelled and the woman ran out of the shop crying. Both men then followed in a blue car driven by the Thai man.

Lloyd left the car and assaulted Arscott, police quoted witnesses as saying. Lloyd was also seen attacking the Thai man before walking away with the woman, they said.

The Thai man then drove the car after the couple. Shortly afterwards, shots were heard and Lloyd fell to the ground. A startled Arscott was then hit by the car and dragged along the road for about 150 metres. The driver then left the car and fired a number of shots at the woman.

The assailant fled the scene in his vehicle.

Lloyd and Arscott were rushed to hospital but were pronounced dead shortly after being admitted.

Two gunshot wounds were found in the man's abdomen and left temple. The woman was shot in the chest, neck and left arm.

Yesterday afternoon, police searched Somchai's home in Muang district and discovered fresh bloodstains in his blue Volvo.

The suspect was not home and police met his 61-year-old father at the premises.

An inspection of the crime scene discovered one .38-calibre bullet embedded in the ground, police said.

Due to Somchai's alleged involvement with a serious crime, his supervisors yesterday suspended him from duty, said Lt-General Ukrit Patchimsawat, the commissioner of Police Region 7, which covers Kanchanaburi.

Ukrit inspected the crime scene in the afternoon along with other senior police officers and two officials from the British Embassy in Bangkok.

The embassy officials were briefed about the incident before inspecting the scene.

Caretaker Kanchanaburi governor Toedsak Kannasut expressed his regret over the incident. He also extended his condolences to the embassy officials.

--The Nation 2004-09-10

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As more and more of the lager louts who usually holiday in Spain or the Balerics find their way to Thailand they will realise that they cannot get away with what they get away with in Spain. I suspect seeing more of this sort of thing happening on a regular basis. A drunk Brit thinks he his is a law unto himself- that goes for the Brit ladies also.

Whoa betide a farang that upsets a Thai that has had a few too many to drink.Their wrath is unmatchable.

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Latest Daily Telegraph, London, report -- new twist: kidnap attempt

Backpackers shot dead in Thailand

By Richard Savill and Nick Britten

(Filed: 10/09/2004)

A young British couple on a backpacking holiday in Thailand were shot dead yesterday in what witnesses said was an attempted kidnap by an off-duty policeman.

Adam Lloyd, 25, and Vanessa Arscott, 24, were murdered as they left a restaurant in the tourist resort of Kanchanaburi, on the River Kwai.

Witnesses said Mr Lloyd had been arguing. The policeman intervened, then followed the couple in a car and opened fire.

Mr Lloyd was hit twice in the back, they claimed, before Miss Arscott was run down as she fled. She was then shot three times at close range with a 9mm pistol as she lay in the road.

A warrant was issued for the arrest of Staff Sgt Somchai Wisetsingh, 39, who owns the S & S restaurant where Mr Lloyd and Miss Arscott were eating two days before their planned return to Britain.

Police said at first that the couple, from Devon, became involved in a noisy argument at the small floating restaurant and Somchai had tried to mediate before he was embroiled in the row.

But a Thai police official said later that Somchai had forced Miss Arscott into his car and shot Mr Lloyd when he attempted to rescue her.

"He forced open the door of the car and tried to hit at Somchai and grab the keys," said the official.

"Somchai pulled out his gun as Vanessa ran off down the road.

"He first shot Mark and then drove his car off after Vanessa running her down. Then he shot her with two bullets." Somchai's bloodstained Volvo 460 has been impounded at Kanchanaburi police station.

Col Vej Somboon, of Kanchanaburi police, said: "We hope to get him soon. The witnesses and evidence show that he is the man who gunned down the British tourists."

Capt Chavalit Biewkaow, the case officer, said: "This is not a good matter for Thailand. Somchai was a mild man and good officer. It is hard to believe he has done this."

Miss Arscott's parents, Graham and Joyce, and her sister Alyssa were said last night to be "distraught" after hearing the news of the killings at their home in Holne Cross, near Ashburton, on the edge of Dartmoor.

Mr Lloyd's mother, Linda, runs the Buckingham Lodge hotel, in Torquay, with her husband, Brian.

Adam's three brothers, one of whom is a policeman in London, were travelling to Torquay last night.

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Thailand is not a mafiosa society, you're right on that one.

But there is terrorism, economic crime, plenty of traffic in Bangkok (but not a big deal unless one is on a bus or taxi like yourself, Steve), drug dealers, and plenty of prostitution (long live what's left of the Davis Group, under new management).


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