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International Aviation College Nakhon Phanom University

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You are very welcome Old Wanderer.

The controversy is set by a bunch of young guys more interested by Udon Thani Night Clubs and Karaoke than by training their students and they are very good flyers on the white board, but it is another thing in real conditions in the rainy season!

We have been oblige to clean our stable.

We have now top guys joining and everything is coming back to normal.

I understand the frustration of those guys: no more week end in Udon Thani!!!

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no more week end in Udon Thani!!!

Here we are!!!, so if I resume correctly what I read ,IAC management has a problem with people going on week end.

what's the problem of this crazy manager?, if some pilots spend their w-end where they want, do they risk to be fired?

I got some news:another french examiner with lot of experience has been recently grounded. This guy is a french EXAMINER...

I wonder how long make an instructor in IAC?1, 2,3 or 4 months? before the "you have been in Udon Thani, you are grounded"

"everything is coming back to normal",
sure!!! with zero student, everything is back to normal! :o Edited by thaistudent2000
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You are very welcome Old Wanderer.

The controversy is set by a bunch of young guys more interested by Udon Thani Night Clubs and Karaoke than by training their students and they are very good flyers on the white board, but it is another thing in real conditions in the rainy season!

We have been oblige to clean our stable.

We have now top guys joining and everything is coming back to normal.

I understand the frustration of those guys: no more week end in Udon Thani!!!

And was Sirikul Bunnag's article motivated by a penchant for Udon Thani night clubs?

I think anyone neutral reading this exchange would probably come to a conclusion that there are underlying management and resource allocation issues at IAC that go a bit deeper than where staff chose to spend their w/ends.

And I would have thought that having "top guys" joining you is not going to restore confidence in the college until you are seen to produce a capable level of qualified student output, which I would have thought means having a reasonable number of students in the first place. :o

Just a few observations by an impartial observer. :D

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You are very welcome Old Wanderer.

The controversy is set by a bunch of young guys more interested by Udon Thani Night Clubs and Karaoke than by training their students and they are very good flyers on the white board, but it is another thing in real conditions in the rainy season!

We have been oblige to clean our stable.

We have now top guys joining and everything is coming back to normal.

I understand the frustration of those guys: no more week end in Udon Thani!!!

I always remember a saying 'People is glass houses should not throw bricks!'

One could quite easily argue that you Asian Frog, are more interested in running your restaurant than in running the flight operation. The fact is that in the last agreement you made to train students, you also gained a personal income for your restaurant by making a deal to provide food for these students at your premises. With recent political events in Thailand, I should have though the message being sent out is a clear one 'CORRUPTION, NO MATTER HOW SMALL, WILL NOT BE TOLERATED IN THIS COUNTRY!' You have clearly used the influence afforded by your position as Head Teacher for personal gain.

You also state that 'everything is coming back to normal'. What exactly is the normal there, I wonder? As I do recall a French colleague of yours making the party EVERY night in Nakhon Phanom, then arriving to work with alcohol breath! Despite remarks and advice from your middle management, you REFUSED to sack him, because 'eee iz A young frensh guy, I talk to 'im'. In the end he actually resigned as he was not doing any flying.

As regards udon thani clubs, perhaps you should give due consideration to your employees. What ever they wish to do in their free time is entirely their choice. Thats why its called 'free time'!

In your free time, you work in your restaurant until close on a daily basis. I should imagine that working 2 full time jobs does not allow you the required rest in order to perform these jobs to the best of your ability. I also recall the IAC manuals prohibiting additional employment (as does the Thai work permit!)

Perhaps your staff may just be professional enough to appreciate the fact that it if they want to have an evening out, better to do it away from the watchful eyes of students, other staff, and the general population of the small town in which they work.

These remarks are not being made to the detriment of IAC, to which I wish every success; but instead to a so called 'executive' who would appear to be entirely incapable of running this operation successfully!

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Farang Flyer, recently I have met two of your previous employers; you are classified as a notorious troublemaker: unfortunately we do not have get this information before hiring you.

I must admit to the fact you are an artist in twisting events.

If you classify a 'troublemaker' as someone who:

1) Stands up for what is right for the company, its students and employees

2) Maintains a high standard in contrary to directives from above

3) Is professional enough to maintain the correct stance on important issues and continue to offer advice and support in the face of a raving dillusional lunatic

4) Operates in accordance with the legal requirements (and refuses to break the law when ordered to do so by ignorant management)

Then I would have to agree that I am a 'trouble maker' Unfortunately, you are someone who believes a troublemaker is someone who does not agree with your 1940s antiquated methods, and openly states so. I call this doing my job.

I notice that a number of other current and ex-employees have made posts on this forum topic. None of them would appear to have any positive things to say about you.

Perhaps you confuse me with your little French/Syrian 'friend', who was the ONLY troublemaker at IAC. So much so that all of the Thai staff refused to deal with his arrogant and rude manner. None of his multi-national co-worker Instructors would even talk to him. And in the end, I was told he has been grounded, as all students have refused to fly with him, and he is now in the 'IAC internet cafe waiting room' waiting out his 3 months paid notice period before he walks away! Sounds like more bad decisions being made, all adding to your mounting wastage of Thai Government money and resources.

I could also go into much depth about you as regards troublemaking at your previous posts both in Malaysia and farther afield, but I feel that it would be unprofessional for me to do so (perhaps JonnyBS will elaborate on this).

I would much prefer to stick to the issue at hand, and the facts here; a number of people on this website are concerned about high spending and the current management (or lack of) at IAC. Issues of corruption, and matters of personal gain combined with POOR management cannot be good for IAC, nor Thailand. WE ARE ALL HOPING FOR THE SUCCESS OF IAC, make NO mistake.

In addition, I have recently been told by a number of sources, that for various reasons, you have failed to keep your current customers happy (through breach of contract), and they are about to cancel their training agreement with IAC. This of course is speculation on my part, but lets wait and see if any more cadets arrive there from the Middle East ( I would REALLY hate to see IAC lose their only airline customer at this stage, I hope that management there can do all things possible to prevent this)...........

Edited by FarangFlyer
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I have been following this thread with a lot of interest. In a few years I will retire with my Thai wife to Thailand. Currently I am a Senior Instructor for Boeing. Hence very familiar with aviation training.

I have been in Thailand conducting classes for both Orient Thai and Bangkok Airways. In Malaysia training for Transmile, and various Singapore organizations. I spent January this year in TinJin, China at the Aviation University teaching 4 rounds of classes.

In sort, in the past 12 years, I have been at a lot of airlines and MRO's on 6 continents as well as numerous classes in the USA.

It is always difficult for a new organization to establish a reputation and a student base. Just look at the the mess that Boeing caused with the branding of "Alteon" of the official training organization for Boeing.

People will make judgments based upon trying to bring similarities from other types of business. This is not the case in Aviation training. It takes some time and successes to establish a reputation. Looking at the "sour grapes" I see posted by some of the terminated instructors, one should remember that many pilots are made of egos and insecurity's. I personally have had many cases of pilot checks that failed to meet standards, go to my management, complaining, I was unfair, too demanding, unrealistic in the scenario's...etc. Fortunately we do record flight tracks in the simulators, and a simple print out resolves the problem. I have never been over-ruled, but have sure created some internet chatter about "avoid that instructor".

In my world there is simply no substitute for excellence.

I wish the school all the best, and once I move to Thailand I hope it is up and running, and I will certainly pay it a visit.




FAA ATP MEL, SELS Rotocraft-Helicoper



Hi old wanderer, I agree with you post completely. THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE FOR EXCELLENCE, nor for high standard, professionalism and quality within the flight training environment.

However, I can vouch for the fact, as can other contributors to this forum, that these points are only given lip service by IAC management, who have no understanding whatsoever of what they mean.

VFR training flights are being conducted outside VFR weather minimums, flight are being conducted around Thunderstorm activity, which is prohibited in the aircraft flight manuals, etc etc. As regards standardisation, when Instructors failed standardisation checks, the person conducting these check was told that his standard was too high, and that all the new instructors needed was a maximum of 5 hours with one of the Thai Instructors before being put on the line (I was told that these Instructors did not even know the maximum fuel capacity of the aircraft, let alone comprehend the complexities of common rail injection diesel engines). It was not only rediculous, but dangerous. International Flight Training Organisations like British Aerospace, Flight Safety Intl, Oxford Aviation Training etc all insist on a bear minimum standardisation package of 15 hours for new instructors. Why are similar methods not being employed at IAC? Perhaps time constraints, perhaps financial constraints? I cannot comment. But whatever the reason it is down to poor management.

If you don't believe me, you WILL once you go there, even just for a day or two for a look around, all will become clearly evident.

Dont get me wrong, should the management change, IAC still has the potential to be a great school.

Good luck with your future retirement in Thailand.

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Thank you for fueling your file, suing you in (criminal) court for defamation will be easier.

Do not think anonymity will protect you, your nonfunded accusations are going too far....

Sorry to disappoint. But this is a forum, and you may wish to check the rules when you register! ('Your use and browsing of this Site is at your own risk. If you are dissatisfied with any of the information contained in the Site, or with any of these Forum Rules, your sole and exclusive remedy is to discontinue accessing and using the Site.')

You really have lost the plot! Is your previous comment about me stating 'you are classified as a notorious troublemaker' any less than defamation? Yet I am gentleman enough to defend your accusations, without making empty threats!

I am in the fortunate position to have a number of witnesses to back up the facts that I have stated on this forum. And in some cases, I have used the words 'I have been told'. It would appear to be a pretty desperate measure on your part to post such absurd remarks!

We are all entitled to express our opinions here, and your threats not only show you in the true light to all those reading this topic, but also strongly reinforce the points made by a number of parties.

As members of the Thai visa forum, surely we have the right to express ourselves and/or our opinions to the readers of this forum. Asian Frog, I may not agree with a number of your statements, but that doesn't mean I wish to sue you for making statements that I do not agree with! I respect your right to express yourself freely, and I would appreciate if you would respect the right of others.

In short....GROW UP, and be a man for once!

Edited by FarangFlyer
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Opinion(s) is one thing, accusation is another....

Forum(s) have rules up to a certain point, over ....LAW prevails.

Game is over, G.....: you overpass the limit.

To quote you 'Reaction....(Continued) .'

There is no game, we are adults here discussing our own perspective on this issue.

I did not post to play any 'game'.

I posted my personal views, as you have done, and indeed as others have done.

I am happy to continue posting in this topic in any informative ways that I can.

What I WILL NOT DO is turn a respectable forum topic into a personal vendetta. So please do whatever you feel that you have to do. We don't need to hear about it here.

In my opinion, if you put half as much effort as you do slandering me, into managing IAC, they would not be in the situation they are in now with so few students.

I feel no need to turn this (what has been so far, an interesting discussion) into a you vs me contest. I am over that!

Therefore I will not respond to any further personal threats or attacks that you make about me on this topic. Feel free to continue to do so as you wish. It is your right, but I will not engage in that sort of teenage mud slinging!

Sorry to disappoint!

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Ahhh what we would call a civilised debate in this PUBLIC forum continues. While others would call a siht fight especially when one party who is in a position of authority cant hold his own without starting to make personal attacks and threats of legal action. All quite sad really given this persons professional back ground.

And before I say anything I would like to thank SpongeBob in Qatar for passing on invaluable information and to thank FarangFlyer for asking me to join this esteemed forum. FarangFlyer I don't actually know you but you seem to be an interesting character, so if you come visiting to Semarang in Indonesia pm me. We can have a couple of beers and visit some houses of ill repute.

I am told that the International Aviation College - Nakhon Phanom University PRINCIPAL has a background of airline experience. Naturally I would assume as everybody else does when first meeting with this sort of person that he means as an Airline Pilot. As a Captain of probably a Boeing 747 and he has a vast amount of experience to bring to a fledging aviation training school. Now this is far from the truth. The International Aviation College - Nakhon Phanom University PRINCIPAL I am told was never a Captain, never a leader in a crew in an Airline. He has never been a Flight Instructor. He is not Pilot. His position was as a Flight Engineer. (no offence to flight engineers world wide as they did a sterling job, just offence to this one). Additionally he was also involved in the Union of the this particular National Carrier of F****e. Now this fact of not being a pilot is not widely know and the International Aviation College - Nakhon Phanom University PRINCIPAL is sometimes slow to correct this misconception especially amongst the Thai management and some staff.

His position since leaving this Airline has been as a Ground Instructor. And I am told he did a good job. But there have been complaints by students that they couldn't understand his heavily accented English when he taught. Am told he left a school in Spain under a cloud. There were allegations made but noting proven. He has been a Ground Instructor in Malaysia but broke contract to run away and join another school as the Chief Ground Instructor but was subsequently sacked from there as a trouble maker. The next time he comes up on the radar so to speak, is as PRINCIPAL of a Civilian Training School in Thailand. This man appears to of had a very chequered career and whilst I am not doubting that he is a highly knowledgeable man in his own field of ground instruction, I do query if this is the right man for the position of Principal in a multi-million dollar aviation training scheme.

It has been stated but a few people that have met the International Aviation College - Nakhon Phanom University PRINCIPAL, that he is the wrong man for the job. I have received this information from persons in Qatar and additionally from Management Pilots in Thai Group. Perhaps Old Wanderer will post when he has met the International Aviation College - Nakhon Phanom University PRINCIPAL himself. And as you have been working in Asia then I will know you are very familiar with the work concept of Asia regarding standards and how very hard it is to maintain the correct attitude without becoming corrupt. We also have this problem in the petroleum business.

But then again maybe International Aviation College - Nakhon Phanom University PRINCIPAL has finally be shown up as the charlatan that he really is. He appears to of has met with somebody that can see through his lies and stories. Someone who queries his decisions and doesn't back down in the face of opposition, someone who wants answers and proof.

And from what I am told, the PRINCIPAL of International Aviation College - Nakhon Phanom University physically ran away when this person came calling looking for answers. Other staff who were entitled to be at staff meetings were suddenly banned and told in public that they were troublemakers and did not support the IAC management concept. New foreign staff were told not associate with certain persons or they would be joining those certain persons when they are sacked. Resulting in the International Aviation College - Nakhon Phanom University PRINCIPAL being surrounded by staff who would not query anything he had to say or who could be bullied into accepting any decision the International Aviation College - Nakhon Phanom University PRINCIPAL made.

And as to staff leaving town in their free time what possible business is it of the International Aviation College - Nakhon Phanom University PRINCIPAL to dictate where staff can spend their week ends?

Additionally, the International Aviation College - Nakhon Phanom University PRINCIPAL refuses to tell staff on a one to one basis of any problems. I am told he prefers to ask others to "You tell ......." to do something or he issues Company Directives on the smallest matters. Any memos staff write to him, he refuses to address or answer in any form. He does not read his email and will continually make decisions on how he wants his view of the world to be. I would not be surprised to learn if he is now surrounded by Thai's on the management team and that he does't speak enough Thai. I suspect that he has totally isolated himself from the real world and has a true talent for alienating farang management and regular staff.

So to sum up: Does this attitude strike anyone as a good management style in any country? Does this attitude make for an enjoyable working environment? Is this guy delusional or what? Is this the sort of guy any organisation would want. If so, I suggest you pm Asian Frog and offer him a job.

To all those Flight Instructors who are thinking of going to that beautiful country Thailand to work for International Aviation College - Nakhon Phanom University, do you really want to work for this guy. Do you want to work in an environment where standards and basic safety attitude are continuously compromised by the Head of Training and supported by a PRINCIPAL that does not understand what it means to be a pilot?

And now lets hear from Asian Frog to give the last word.

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