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International Aviation College Nakhon Phanom University

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One more point....

Local Carriers have inspected our set up and are generally very pleased, but it takes time to decide and also the current situation is not favourable. Each team has to report to its management, function of the expansion plan to decide about the recruitment and training. They have also current contracts to respect before switching to an other training institution: so it takes time....

And also, some opponents / competitors are actively lobbying against us in the Airlines boards; Farangflyer are you one of them? No, because they are not polemical, they use softer methods.

After reading your posts, taking into account some details, you can only be one of the sacked Farang Instructors....

QUOTE from link: http://www.thaivisa.com/forum/Nakhon-Phano...ati-t98987.html

'Information about IAC (International Aviation College Nakhon Phanom University)

IAC is in the Budget 2007 and we expect to start the pilot training by the Ground phase around May for the first batch. Selection of students should take place in March/ April.

All the teaching will be done in English, IAC is going to be at the highest Pilot Training Standards (JAR-European Standards)

For the New Academic year (june 2007), a preparatory school system is under preparation: 2 years of studies after High School, with around 1/3 of time spent studying english (Basic and technical). This program will give the possibility to join the IAC for Pilot training or Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Training or some Bachelor degrees in Aviation or Aviation related science. This system will be run by NPU.

In parallel a "school hotel" is launched that IAC is going to use (partly) for its International cadets. In a next phase we will launch a training dedicated for preparation of Cabin Crew (Air hostesses).

To all Issan people, we are working on this project from more than one year and half, it is now entering in his realisation phase. The aim is to revitalisize the ISSAN region by offering some career prospects and a support for modern industries. The Commission on Higher Education, some politicians like General Chavalit are pushing this ambitious project which is not leaded by any personal interest but only by the good will of doing a positive action for ISSAN and its people.

If you are directly interested, we will be ready to collect candidacies and give more information by the end of January. We are very busy all January, so do not contact us before end of this January month.

The information will be forwarded by Newspapers in due time.

Happy New year to all of you

Asian Frog

This post has been edited by Asian Frog: 2006-12-30 09:17:40'

The above was posted over 2 years ago!

Has the Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Training commenced yet?

Has the Bachelor degrees in Aviation or Aviation related science training commenced yet?

Has the training dedicated for preparation of Cabin Crew (Air hostesses) commenced yet?

Has the Isaan region been revitalised yet by IAC?

Get real 'yourshoutmate'......how much time do they need? :o

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an interesting question would be :"how much money IAC will lose in 2009???", and "how many children will finish in the streets due to this bunch of idiots of IAC manager?(give money for real education than paying Qatar students who eat and flies for cheap(120$ an hour when normal price is around 300$!!!)".

IAC is in my point of view, a bunch of criminals who should be jailed.

Buying an A320 simulator had no sense for a non existing course(MCC)...?what is the next surprise?

how long tax payers are going to continue to spend money in this little (french) game?

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an interesting question would be :"how much money IAC will lose in 2009???", and "how many children will finish in the streets due to this bunch of idiots of IAC manager?(give money for real education than paying Qatar students who eat and flies for cheap(120$ an hour when normal price is around 300$!!!)".

IAC is in my point of view, a bunch of criminals who should be jailed.

Buying an A320 simulator had no sense for a non existing course(MCC)...?what is the next surprise?

how long tax payers are going to continue to spend money in this little (french) game?

I heard that the (French) game is now over!

The powers that be are finally onto the Megalomaniac, and his end is near.

The numerous references that AF made to 'sacked flight instructors' has come back to haunt him after their sucessful legal persual for unfair dismissal within Thai courts.

I heard that AF may be finding himself in court in the very near future to justify a variety of questionalble decisions made by him during the course of his role within IAC.

I just hope that it is not to late for IAC to undo the damage done by this man, and wish IAC every sucess for the future.

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the french dictator is gone....let's celebrate!

I would like to hear the comment of asian frog on this.

congratulation to IAC to have kicked this "weakest link" out of the university.

I wish them good luck, and happy flying! :o

(I hope now they will accept more students, and not only cadets).

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Hallo all my cherubs

It has been a long time, but now am back. Am sure many people have been wondering what has happened since the lasts posts especially to the stars of the show.

The Principal of International Aviation College: (Le Frog). It appears that Thai management of the University did not back up their good friend when he started making them look bad. He has since left International Aviation College very suddenly and under a bit of a cloud. Somehow I doubt if he will be taking legal proceedings against the University. All this happened when the three unfairly dismissed flight instructors won their case in the court.

Head of Training:(a Local). This guy (and i would like to personally and publically thank you for passing all that valuable information to me. But why you would want to make you boss (le frog) look bad, i dont know) has since been demoted from Head of Training to a Senior Flight Instructor. Wow, what a tumble this guy took. You have all our heart felt condolences to your loss of what i am sure was a very beautiful office. Guess you are not as good at politics as you thought you were!

The Unfairly dismissed Instructors: Have since found employment at reputable schools outside Thailand after successfully winning their case against the University. It appears to be just in time as International Aviation College seems to to taking a nose dive.

And now for the bad news:

It has come to light that some of the non english speaking local instructors recently promoted to a managment position have been accepting gifts from some of the foreign students to obtain desirable marks on various tests. It appears, they thought their customer (only customer) would not find out in subsequent checking of said students. All this sounds like someone was getting too greedy and the bag of fruit just didnt cut it, nor did the handphone, or even the motobike.

Other news: (from PM's from interested parties)

The remaining farang flight instructors are now being blamed publically by a Senior Flight Instructor for the failure of the University to attract new students. Additionally they are also being punished for this by being relegated to the Simulator building and so are no longer on the flight line to observe the goings on of local instructors. . . . . . .

We of the international community are all very sad to hear what has become of this promising star in the aviation training business in Thailand. And yes, i do hope that the bad apples (you know who you are) are removed and that the school can live up to its full potential. Unfortunately alot of Thai taxpayer money has been spent unwisely in the process. I for one wish the University all success in the future endevours.

Moral: for every gullibility space there is a gullibility fill. So dont employ French ex-flight engineers from Air F****e in a position of management. You will be sorry!


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resurrection of Asianfrog?. :D

give a look:


About TBM FA

Paperwork is still on-going but as it should be finished shortly, I am authorised to unveil some specific features about TBM FA, (unofficially), before our official marketing campaign starts: FlyLah… you have the very first information (before the Press).

As we are wearing the prestigious name of our chairman, Y.T.M. Tengku Baderul Zaman ibni al-Marhum Sultan Mahmud, we can only be ….excellent.

We are different from other schools in many aspects;

• From day one, we are going to train Fixed Wings and Helicopter cadet pilots

• We are going to be fully "JAR", because DCA has requested it, but mainly, because it is also our approach toward the excellence in Training.

 Fully JAR means "Ground but also Flight Training compliant with JAR".

• Our Flying syllabus is going to be richer than the DCA minimum requirements, because we respect the JAR standards but also because we are preparing the students to be a professional Airline Pilot or Offshore Helicopter Pilot-, - we are not preparing only to a License examination- . More, as the worldwide most advanced schools, we are introducing a training on "Unusual attitudes Recovery", with the support of an Aerobatic Aircraft: we are choosing the safest aerobatic aircraft, the Extra 300L.

• As option, we are offering 35 hours MCC / ELT training on a FNPT II MCC AIRBUS A320. It is an option as some Airlines would prefer to do by themselves during the initial Type Rating. But the Self Sponsored students targeting to join some Airlines with A320 as entry Airliner will have a definitive plus in their training.

• Our prices will remain in the same range than our competitors for a very different quality of training.

• Our team, Ground and Flying, is exceptional in Malaysia: a team of very experienced professionals, flyers coming from renowned JAR schools. The "Groundies" are currently training on the JAR syllabus, and this, since several years. Legendary instructors are coming back in Malaysia: yes, few years ago, they have already trained hundredth(s) of MAS and Air Asia Cadets (today their former students are Commanders or close to be….). Yes, we are back, with a JAR experience and we are bringing JAR Top Flyers in our luggage. A consistent team: Ground and Flight…..

• For Helicopter Students: after the CPL/IR (H) the Helicopter training is heading to the "Offshore Rating". We will be the only school to propose such training in this part of the world. We are not going to use the possibility to train on fixed wings before helicopter. From day one, in the Flying school, you will fly helicopter. Our fleet will comprise proven, efficient and safe trainers like the Enstrom 280 Fx, Enstrom 480B. The helicopter flying team comprises very experienced Malaysian helicopter Flight instructors.

• We have already gotten the guarantee that some cadets will be sponsored. Too early, to unveil the sponsor as the conditions are not yet inked (this applies to fixed wings and helicopter)…

• We are purchasing a fleet of professional trainers (aircraft 4 seats as per international Standards, at European IFR standard, engines running with fully approved Civil Aviation fuels, with the possibility to be considered as Public transport- requirement of some Civil Aviation Authorities-). We exclude the light airplanes two seaters, with C of G and MOGAS issues, …. At the beginning, our fleet is going to be limited (6 DA40, 2 DA42 NG, 1 Extra 300L, 2 Enstrom 280FX, 2 ENSTROM 480B or BELL 206), (On the simulator side, 4 Simulators: FNPT I-DA40, FNPT II-DA42, FNPTII- ENSTROM 480 or BELL206, FNPT II MCC- A320).

 Consequently for 2009/2010, we are limiting the number of cadets to 12 fixed wings and 4 Helicopter per batch, with one intake every two months.

• The duration of the syllabus should be 70 working weeks (around 74 Calendar weeks) without MCC/ELT training. (To add 6 weeks for the MCC/ELT)

• Taking into account our experienced team, with a CFI already used to manage yearly 250 cadets in a JAR Flying school (and delivering them "ON TIME" to a worldwide first class Airlines): lagging is not on our agenda.

• The training of LAME (licensed Aircraft maintenance Engineer) JAR 66 will be developed in 2010.

• On the maintenance side,…we are supported by "MyCopter Aviation Services" with whom we have special relations as we share… some shareholders….

We expect to launch the campaign of recruitment in July for a selection in August, with hopefully a first intake in the last quarter of 2009.

I cannot answer to individual questions as our team is still very limited and we are very –very-busy by a huge amount of paperwork. However if interested to join us in the last quarter of 2009, you can already send an E-Mail to : [email protected]

Again, we are not yet ready to answer personal questions but we will re- contact you when we will be launching the recruitment/selection of cadets.

Yours Sincerely


:D blablabla !!!!!!!!!!! :)

asianfrog, we are sick of your megalomania !!! What's wrong with you?

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