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Wanted-qualified Teacher To Tutor In Samui For 4mths

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Teacher required to accompany warm, vibrant british family to (probably) Samui from April-end July. Responsibilities would include teaching one 10 year old (little git and a handful, so any academic progress unexpected and welcomed!) and preparing a 14 year old for forthcoming GCSEs (maths, science, English etc). Remuneration will include all travel and normal living expenses, along with a very good cash wage . You will be joining us on an extended holiday in a large, luxury house/apartment with a maid. Only expect 25-30 hours teaching per week, and mucking-in elsewhere. Would prefer someone with science/maths experience/degree. A personality would also be an attractive asset and a sporty nature would help you jell with the lads, as well as with mum-n-dad. The lads will resume their normal academic timetable in September. Please send a CV to: Kath Parsons.

What about the maid......she could be a mass murderer!!!!! Anyway the tutor will never be on his/her own with the kids. Ever!!

Aren't you aware that most Thai females are more mentally unstable and more likely to be mass murderers than maids from other cultures? :o

You had also better increase the teachers hourly rate even more now; not all teachers like being kept under constant watch whilst teaching. You need to allow for an aditional 1500 - 2500 THB per teaching hour if you intend to supervise your qualified teacher :D

Ha Ha!........ Argh!!! If you only knew me Aussiestyle1983........We were only looking for tutor to keep the lads uptodate with their school work for a few hours each day. We'll bring most of the material we need and have the support of their teachers only an email away. I've got my hands full with an 18month old girl so I won't have the time or desire to spy!! Now stop teasing me!! Anyway, it looks as though we've found the person. You better watch your back, your married to a thai girl arent you?? icon1.gif

Dis aussiestylz thai wife. Aussiestylz not samart. He go work, stay log in thaivias. hahah. I find post say thai girl carzy. anyhow, aussiestylz meet knife when cum home today. no man call me crazy thai girl. thanku for making me aware how he think me crazy. he dead now! farang bah!

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Just wanted to thank everyone for one of the most entertaining threads we've had in the Teacher's Forum for awhile... I've done some editing to get the thread more in line with forum policy on email addresses. Now, with the demise of Aussiestyle1983 at the hands of his wife (who I hope we will see continue posting here, as she has a sharp and penetrating point of view), I think it's time to wind the thread down.



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