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British Diplomat To Meet Killer Investigators

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British diplomat to meet investigators hunting English backpackers’ killer

KANCHANABURI: -- The British High Commissioner has requested a meeting with local investigators in Thailand’s south-western border town of Kanchanaburi to discuss progress on the hunt for the killer of two English backpackers, a senior provincial police told TNA on Sunday.

Three weeks after Vanessa Arscott and Adam Lloyd were killed, the suspected murderer, Sergeant Somchai Visetsing, is still at large.

Police Major General Chalong Sonjai, deputy commissioner of Provincial Police region 7, told TNA that it was difficult to track down the fugitive officer because he was a detective himself. ''We have made some progress in the case but I admit that it is not easy to catch a professional detective like the suspect,'' he said.

Pol. Maj. Gen. Chalong made his remarks after a meeting with local investigators on the case in Kanchanaburi on Sunday.

The authorities have ordered the manhunt for the police officer to be stepped up. The police have not ruled out the possibility that the suspect is now hiding along the Thai-Myanmar border.

Thousands of tourists visit Kanchanaburi each year.

The province is renown as the site of the notorious Thailand-Myanmar ''death railway'' and for its Commonwealth war cemetery. The bridge over the River Kwai was built by allied prisoners of war but was bombed later by the allied forces in an attempt to destroy Japan's supply lines.

-- TNA 2004-10-03

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