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New Cabinet Reshuffle Expected Soon

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New cabinet reshuffle expected soon

BANGKOK: -- The Prime Minister, Thaksin Shinawatra, is expected to soon announce a new cabinet reshuffle.

The prime minister is reportedly planning to make a new minor change in his cabinet before his first four-year term in office ends, according to sources in the Government House here.

The new cabinet change would be focused on those being in charge of national security, as the situation in Thailand's deep South, which has been plagued by the spate of unrest and violence since early this year, was assessed to have not improved, said the sources.

It is likely that the government will submit a new cabinet list to His Majesty the King for his Royal endorsement in a Royal Command today, according to the sources.

--TNA 2004-10-05

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I think Thailand is going to be the hub of government shuffling. Never seen anything quite like it. Exactly how does a cabinet member lay down long range plans in less than 14 days before the next shuffle. I think its a plan to obscure responsibility like the Elite card, of the last 3 directors no one remembers talking with CNN.

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