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Mother Kills Daughter In Spirit Sacrifice

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Mother kills daughter in spirit sacrifice

RATCHABURI: -- A mother yesterday killed her 12 year-old daughter by slitting her throat in what she claimed to be a ritual of human sacrifice to the spirits.

Police who stormed the Ratchaburi house of Mrs. Kanchana Jiemcharoen yesterday afternoon arrived too late to save the life of Paphatsorn Jiemcharoen, a pupil at Wat Phai Lom School in Damnoen Saduak district.

Locked inside the house, they discovered Mrs. Kanchana and three female relatives, sitting in meditative pose to release the young girl's spirit.

But as soon as they saw the police officers, meditation gave way to crazed rage, with the women rushing at the officers with knives, accusing them of interrupting their ceremony.

Handcuffed, the women continued to shout oaths at the officers as they were led away.

The house, when the police were able to enter it, was a pitiful sight.

Upstairs was a large alter overflowing with candle wax, while outside were the charred remnants of Paphatsorn's clothing.

Strands of the girl's hair were found inside a metal bowl.

Police also found a bloodied knife, thought to be the murder weapon, hidden inside the refrigerator.

A note lying in the house read: 'It's not long now before the god Indra will come'.

All the women were detained by police for further questioning.

--TNA 2004-10-05

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